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Is God In Control? No, According to Word of Faith

Is God In Control? No, According to Word of Faith 

When I was in Bible School, Kenneth Hagin, our founder and teacher was fond of making two quotations:

1) “If God is in control, He sure has made a mess of things.”
2) “It seems that God can do nothing less we ask Him” which he attributed to John Wesley. In the system of faith and theology that this preacher taught, God was always reacting to man’s decisions and desires. Man was in charge, and he could write his own ticket with God and that man could have what he said that he could have. This reeks of humanism, and maybe Deism, and if it is true, then we have no hope in God as believers.


This same preacher taught that God had given the earth to man who handed it over to Satan who lost it back to Jesus who handed it back to man through the Church. (Sorta like who’s on first aka Three Stooges routine)On one particular occasion Jesus appeared to Kenneth Hagin to give him some one on one Bible instruction and revelation. During that vision, a demon appeared and disrupted the fellowship. After a few minutes of Jesus not doing anything about the devil, Hagin finally rebuked the devil and it left.


Alas him and Jesus could continue their one on one seminary class. Jesus then told Hagin that he was glad that Hagin had run the devil off, because he (Jesus) couldnt. Jesus then went on to explain that he and God had handed the keys over to the Church and had already done all that he would ever do about the devil, and that it was now up to man to enforce things here on the earth.


Charles Capps is another preacher that teaches along these lines. In their theology, God has His hands tied and cannot do a darn thing about anything because now man is back in charge! Humanism.


I used to believe like this and teach the same way. It is the greatest scam that the devil ever pulled off on the Body of Christ aside from the Catholic Church. When I first came out of this Movement, I really did not know where to turn for the Truth. A pastor friend of mine suggested that I begin to read the dead. See what the dead said. That sent me on a trail of reading after such men as Paul, John, James, Peter, Luke, Jude, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Moses and a few others. The more scripture that I read, the more the dead said!


I also began to read and listen to John Piper, John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, James MacDonald, Jack Graham, Harry Reeder, Leonard Smith, RC Sproul, Jonathan Edwards, Elester Beg, and a few other studied men of God.


What I have discovered through my exhaustive study, is that God is God, and that He is Sovereign and in absolute control of all creation in Heaven and earth. I am absolutely convinced that God is who He claims to be in the Word of God even if man and the Church do not cooperate. He can do anything, anytime, and it is not conditional on anything outside of His Glorious Self.


The Doctrines of Grace and the Sovereignty of God is the most glaring truth in the Bible. The stories of Joseph, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, King David, Job and Paul are Divine proofs of God’s Sovereignty in the affairs of men’s lives!
It is very comforting to me that God is in absolute control in my life and that He is working ALL THINGS to my good!


Everyday I stand in amazement at how deceived I was in my theology and relationship with God. The more I read of the Bible, the more my hair stands up on my neck at the outrageousness of the Word of Faith Movement, the outright blasphemy. I was involved in such error and heresy! But, Romans 8:28, Eph 1:11, Psalms 139, let me know that God has ordered my steps for His purpose and glory. That brings me peace.


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