Posted by: John Edwards | March 3, 2009


Kenneth Hagin claimed that the Lord Jesus appeared to him several times to teach him about the Bible. Word of Faith people believe him and his teachings. I do not believe in his visions. Joseph Smith said that the Lord Jesus appeared to him also and taught him about the Bible. He formed the Mormon Church. I do not believe in his visions or teachings. I have spent a lot of time studying each of these men and their theology.
The Mormons and the Word of Faith folks are not alone in the visions of Jesus department. The Catholics have a lady named Marija Lunetti that says Jesus appeared to her one time and that the Virgin Mary appears to her every day with messages.
I live eight miles from the cow pasture in Shelby County, Alabama where the Virgin Mary has been reported to appear. I drove down there the other day with my youngest son to check it out. The pasture is located just a few miles from US 280 and right between two mountains. It is a gorgeous setting that has a statue of the Virgin Mary at the spot where the lady prophet says she appeared to her. Thousands of people journey from all over the world to visit this sacred site. I traveled eight miles and walked through the mud. Around the statue pilgrims have left candles, rosaries and flowers. Across the street, they have built a cathedral and a trailer park community where believers in the vision live. Kind of spooky, but so is Salt Lake City and Tulsa. I have spent time in those places too. They all have the same kind of icky feel to them.
People are hungry to believe in the supernatural. People are starving for signs, wonders and miracles. As the circus man said, there is a sucker born every day. I was a sucker myself for many years, but not no more. I don’t believe in anything extra than the Word of God, and I refuse to listen to anyone that has claims that Jesus or Mary appeared to them for teaching sessions. This is how cults and heresies are started. Gullible folks wanting something besides their Bible.
I imagine that I could start blogging about Jesus coming down and hanging out with me and a certain amount of people would believe me. The Word of Faith Movement is the fastest growing part of Christianity, and that is how it got started. The Mormon Church is the fastest growing religion in the world, based on extra-biblical visions. There is big money to be made in religion. I bet I could start telling people that Jesus hangs out with me and make a ton of money. Yep there is a sucker born everyday.


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