Posted by: John Edwards | March 3, 2009

Playing a role in God’s play

Playing a role in God’s play



I think that I have everything figured out, why we are on this earth, why so much crap happens, why we were created, why there is a devil, and all that.

Have you ever read the book of Job? It seems that God and the devil made some kind of back room deal about Job. God allowed Satan to kick Job’s fanny in just about every area of life. Job spent a lot of his time questioning God about his suffering and the reasons for his ordeal. Have you ever felt like Job? (Have you ever been busy serving God and get hit out of nowhere by a massive storm of suffering?)

When he finally got a personal visit from God, God didn’t explain a single thing. No explanations. All God asked was “where were you” as God gave a long speech about his awesomeness in creation.
He left Job hanging theologically, but He did restore his life many times over, plus Job was reunited in Heaven with his family. A happy ending indeed.

Here is what I think:

I think that a lot of stuff happened before God ever created mankind and put us on the earth that we dont know about. There are several scriptures that indicate a war in Heaven. It appears that Lucifer wanted to be “like” God. Evidently he persuaded at least one out of every three angels to go along with him. Of course Satan and his army were blown out big time and were thrown out of Heaven.

So, partly to rub it in his face, I believe that God created us in His image just to spite Satan. I believe that God wanted to prove to Satan, that He could create an entire race of beings in His image, that would worship Him no matter what.

But God allowed (decreed) Satan to enter into the picture to show him that His people would still worship and glorify Him no matter what happens in life. Through the good times and the bad times. Satan couldn’t even hang in the good times. But we do.

I believe that we are here on earth to be tested through trials, tribulations and temptations, and that through it all, God is getting glory in front of His enemy as we walk by faith and endure. In the end, God’s kids will be the victors, and Satan will be in Hell, and for all eternity we will experience and taste the Glory of God.

I think it taunts Satan, every minute,when he throws everything that he can at us, and that we still turn around and worship God anyway. That’s what I think! (:


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