Posted by: John Edwards | March 3, 2009

Feeling Free (a Word of Faith testimony)

Feeling Free (a Word of Faith testimony)

My youngest son and I were on the way to church yesterday and I asked him if he liked our new church better than the ones in which he was raised in. He was born and raised in the charismatic word of faith church.


He has spent the last several months going to two different Baptist Churches. He goes to youth at Clearwater Community Church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights, and then he attends Seven Springs Baptist with me on Sunday mornings.


Almost everything about these two churches are different from the ones that he was raised in. The doctrine, the culture and the worship is 180 degrees from the way he was raised to believe. So, yesterday, on the way to Seven Springs, I asked him if he was happier.


He replied that he was much happier, and that he felt totally free and peaceful. I asked him to explain and he did. ( I had long feared that my switch in teachings had broken his spirit)


First he told me that he loved the new freedom to worship with no pressure. In our old churches, there was constant pressure and encouragement to raise our hands, run the aisles, or dance in the Spirit. Here you can just stand there with your hands in your pockets and its OK. There is no praise and worship leader commanding you to be demonstrative. I agree. Although I still do some of these “charismatic” things, I prefer to do them in private. I too always felt pressured to worship a certain way in public, so I always felt like I was worshipping to please others.


Then he told me that the pressure to have the right confession was gone! He no longer worried about every little word that he spoke. He no longer feels jinxed by his words. He told me that when he was growing up word of faith, that he was terrified to tell us when he was sick.
Thirdly, he said that he no longer felt the pressure to speak in tongues, and that he was happy just to pray in his own tongue.


I agree with everything that my son has said. I too feel the joy and peace of being free to worship God in the way that I feel led to without being pressured to conform to the pressure of a culture.


In our former churches, there was always the pressure of being perfect. We couldn’t talk freely, we couldn’t say when we were sick, we always had to act the part of a blessed, healed, rich, successful charismatic word of faither. That is an impossible role to play for 14 years. I am glad that he has found his freedom and love for God. We are both free indeed. The pressure is gone. He that the Son sets free, is free indeed.


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