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Cemetery is what we used to call Seminary. A seminary is a specialized school of theology that some ministers go to to learn about God and the bible. In the circles that I used to run in, Cemetery was a place where you went to become full of doubt and unbelief. Cemetery is where you went away to water down the power of God and to do away with the supernatural.

There was a local minister of a large Baptist church here that had thousands of members. Some of the members were praying that God would cause this pastor to forget everything that he had learned in seminary. How foolish.
Many people remark that the disciples did not attend seminary, but they did. They were taught by God in the flesh for three years. Paul was also a seminary grad.

Seminary is good. Theology is good. I have been mocked for being interested in theology, the study of God.
Some people think that a preacher does not need to attend seminary and that he should just get alone with God and let God teach him the Word. That is a stupid way to think. That would be no different than handing a dead body over to someone that wants to be a doctor and saying the same thing.

Let God teach him. Don’t listen to all of those medical professors that have studied medicine for decades! Would you let a self taught doctor operate on your child? Or, would you let an untrained pilot fly you across the ocean? No one would, but they would gladly trust their souls to untrained men in the pulpit.

There is a lot to be gained from attending a good seminary. There are common Bible interpretation tools that are taught there by men that have given their whole lives to the study of God’s Word. Proper exegesis and hermeneutics are critical. The Word of God must be exhaustively studied before it can be understood clearly enough to teach others. Doctrine is very important. The Word of God must be rightly divided.

Today the Church is full of false teachers that teach a twisted and dangerous unsound message. This results in the deception of millions of innocent Christians. Our Church today is full of heretical doctrines. Our television screens, radios and Internets are full of bad theology. The Church has been invaded from the inside.

Most of the leaders of the popular television theology today have never been to a reputable seminary.

Doctrine matters. Theology matters. Once believer’s drift away from sound teaching, it is just a matter of time before they end up in a cultic system. This happened to me and my wife. We started following after the teachings of unlearned and untrained men. They mocked seminary, and taught their own theology, deceiving thousands.

The fastest growing movement in Christianity today is a false message being taught by false teachers on television. This movement is materialistic and humanistic. It is not New Testament, it is a “Different Gospel” as Paul warned in Galatians 1:7-9.

Make sure that the teachers you follow have been well schooled and trained at a reputable and orthodox seminary. Check their credentials just as you would a doctors. Your soul and thinking towards God is even more important than your health.


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