Posted by: John Edwards | March 3, 2009

Calvinism For Rednecks

Calvinism For Rednecks 

I was raised to be a Calvinist. I grew up in a Baptist Church, and attended numerous youth retreats with the Presbyterians. I dropped out of church from the age of 21 until I turned 31, and then I started going to charismatic churches for 14 years. Charismatic churches are not Calvinistic at all. Then a year ago one of my readers from sent me a box of Cd’s and books by several authors on Calvinism which led me into a deeper study of the Word.

In redneck terms, here is what a Calvinist believes:

1. The total Depravity of mankind, that we are unable to save ourselves, and that apart from God, we wouldn’t even seek God. WE are sinners. All we do is sin. We cannot even have faith unless God imparts it. We have no desire to seek God unless He imparts that desire. We deserve hell.

2. Unconditional Election. This means that God chose us to be His own, before we were born, and that our good works had nothing to do with it. Our salvation was initiated by Him. We had absolutely nothing to do with it. We could not earn it. We did not deserve it.

3. Limited Atonement. This one bothered me a lot until I thought it out logically. It means, that when you get down to it, and think it out, that Jesus died only for the sins of the Elect. If he had died for everyone, then everyone would go to Heaven. That would mean that even the sin of rejecting Christ would have been covered too.

4. Irresistible Grace. I love this one. It means that God reached out to me with His Grace, and that I was unable to resist it, and that all of the Elect will surrender to His grace. The non-elect will reject it.

5. Perseverance of the Saints. This means once saved always saved. I could not earn grace, and I cannot keep it by works. I sin all the time. Those people that believe that they can lose their salvation have no hope.Good works cannot earn salvation, and good works cannot keep it either. How can youu be good enough to keep that which you could not earn to start with?

I spent a lot of years camping out on the charismatic word of faith verses of the Bible. I would run across Calvinistic scriptures all the time that would bother me. Now that I am looking for them, I find new ones every day. There are hundreds of scriptures that prove the five points listed above.
I listened to Romans chapters 8 and 9 on my CD player over and over for a few days, and those two chapters really convinced me that Calvinism was what the Word taught. John Calvin did not invent Calvinism, he just wrote a lot about the Sovereign Grace of God, and everyone started calling the Doctrines of Grace Calvinism.

I will write more about these things and share some scriptures. The book of John is loaded with them. So is the book of Acts. These doctrines are laced throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. How did I miss them all of those years? here is a good scripture just to get you started: Acts 13:48. One more: Acts 16:14 There are hundreds more like these. I’m finding new ones every day.



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