Posted by: John Edwards | February 25, 2009

The Word of Faith is the Fastest Growing Cult In The World

Fastest Growing Cult In The World

The Word of Faith Movement is the fastest growing cult in the world. This heretical and dangerous message has already swept across TBN and all the other television and radio channels. Now it is spreading all over the Third World like stage five cancer.

Our evangelical pastors, leaders and theologians are afraid to speak out, and God is using bloggers to warn the Church of this cult that has invaded the Body of Christ.

The Word of Faith Movement is heretical, erroneous and blasphemous. Millions of sincere born-again Christians are having their theology twisted into humanism and greed without even realizing it. People are even dying from the message. Thousands are abused by the spiritual control tactics of the Movement.

A cult is any unorthodox movement centered around a strong charismatic leader that claims extra-biblical revelation and that exerts mental and spiritual pressures on its followers to control them. I have written extensively about this on my other blog I was a Word of Faith pastor and teacher. I was absolutely sincere, and absolutely deceived. I believe that many of the popular leaders of this cult are sincere, but tragically deceived, and in turn they are deceiving millions. ( and getting rich doing it)

The Word of Faith Message IS NOT CENTERED ON JESUS CHRIST! This movement is centered on FAITH as a FORCE. They teach the Word of God out of context. They teach only the parts of the Bible that agree with their agenda.

Allow me to illustrate: A Word of Faith teacher will teach his sermon on healing by teaching topically. In other words, he or she will go from healing scripture to healing scripture and teach on the surface. That is bad exegesis and hermeneutics. In correct biblical teaching, each verse needs to be examined in its setting and context. About 95% of all the scriptures that Word of Faith teachers use are promises that God made in the Old Covenant to the nation of Israel. These were conditional promises that promised Divine Health and prosperity IF they obeyed the covenant. This Old Covenant has been replaced with a New Covenant, with spiritual promises made to the Church. The Word of God must be rightly divided. The other 5% of scriptures that the Word of Faith teachers use are also out of context. For example, in most of the mighty faith scriptures such as Mark 11:23, John 15:7 and John 14:14, Jesus was talking to His Apostles in regards to their foundational ministry of establishing the Church through mighty signs and wonders. 2 Corinthians 12:12

The Word of Faith Movement worships money. Most of the teaching that you see on television revolves around money and materialism. This IS NOT the Gospel that Jesus taught. The Word of Faith Message has corrupted the Message of the Cross and turned it into a get rich racket. Day and night these wolves are duping innocent and gullible Christians into sending in their money for miracle breakthroughs. It is wrong. It is blasphemy. It is blatant, heretical teaching that must be exposed.

Many of these prominent Word of Faith teachers have been confronted by Godly Men of God, learned theologians and refuse to receive any correction. Its all about the money. I have personally spoken to several Word of Faith ministers that admit the teachings are wrong and excessive, but they are trapped. Not many have the guts and integrity to come out of that false movement.

These are just a couple of the surface issues. There is much psychological and spiritual abuse occurring in these churches. Much manipulation. Many Word of Faith ministers enjoy a cult like following. Pastor worship is stressed over and over by erroneous teaching along the lines of “touch not my anointed” and incorrect teaching about submission to authority. Word of Faith ministers misapply these scriptures to gain and keep control of their flocks. Its about money, control and power. The subject of love is preached over and over so that congregants will be afraid to point out improprieties. This cult is full of bullies. I should know because I was one of them. Thank God that He opened my eyes to the deception of this movement!

Cults are usually created by someone with a strong and charismatic personality that has claimed special revelation or visions from God. That is exactly how this movement started. One man claimed multiple one on one visits from Jesus and angels. In these visions he received extra instruction and insights to the Word of God, and then he turned around and taught them for decades. Many of his followers went onto receiving their own personal visits from Jesus, and the error and deception has spread right through mainstream Christianity. The most popular minister on television today teaches humanism from his pulpit every sunday and has become a best selling author. No teaching on sin, no teaching on the cross, no teaching on repentance, no teaching on Jesus. The message is all about man. He wouldnt even come out and say that Jesus was the only way to salvation when he was asked on national tv.

Real Christians, and real ministers of the True Gospel need to quit being scared of rocking the boat and losing tithes and start exposing these doctrines of demons. It may cost them some church folks and a little money like it did me, but I have a clear conscience and I know that I did the right thing. Glory to God. It is truly sad that the undoing of the Church is coming from inside the Church and that ministers are afraid to speak out. This one is not afraid.


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