Posted by: John Edwards | January 28, 2009

The Prophet Kenneth Hagin




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I was eighteen years old the first time that I heard about The Prophet. I was driving home from class when I ran across his radio program. The Prophet was giving his testimony about having died and gone to Hell. It kind of gave me the creeps, and I avoided listening to him anymore.


Many years later a policeman that I worked with handed me a book by The Prophet. When I saw his name on the book cover, alarms and red flags began to activate in my gut, but I took the book home and read it anyway.

It was about how to get healed. I was interested in that book because my wife was being tested for HIV after being exposed to the virus on her job as a nurse. I wanted her to test negative, so I wanted to see what the book said.


As far as I could tell, everything The Prophet said lined up with the Bible. I got excited and went to a church nearby that sold books and tapes by The Prophet.

As a policeman, I would ride around in my patrol car listening to piles of tapes by The Prophet, and I even started listening to The Prophet’s radio program again. I was completely enamored with his teachings and stories.
The Prophet had numerous testimonies of people being healed through his prayers. His tapes and books were full of miracles! I became addicted to his teachings although they were radically different from my beliefs as a Baptist.

One day the radio program announced that The Prophet would be preaching for two weeks at a nearby church. I was so excited, that I told everyone that I knew that The Prophet was coming to Birmingham. I made plans to be there with my family and friends. Then that police friend of mine offered me a security job working inside the services for $1,000. Can you beat that? I was going to be paid for standing in the services as security! AWESOME!

I told everyone I knew about all of the miracles and healings that I had been reading and hearing about. I was absolutely convinced that when The Prophet arrived that I would see people rise out of wheelchairs and walk. I looked forward to seeing people with birth defects made whole. After all, The Prophet had been transported to Heaven by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, The Son of God had personally anointed The Prophet with a special healing power! I could not wait!

The crusade was a total bust. Nothing happened at all. All the people that arrived in wheelchairs left in them. I was shocked! No miracles, no angels singing, no halos, no nothing!

Back at the police station the other officers made fun of The Prophet and called the church a cult. They made fun of all the ushers with walkie talkies. I took up for The Prophet. It was the people’s fault that they did not get healed!

I kept listening to more and more tapes by The Prophet and decided to go to the Bible School that The Prophet had started. Surely there I would see the power of God in manifestation. Surely there, on his own home turf, there would be extraordinary miracles, I was not going to miss it. Let the scoffers scoff, I was going to move up there to Oklahoma to be just like him.
Well, I moved up there to where The Prophet taught in the class room and preached in the special meetings. Nothing happened. I never saw one single miracle or healing for myself, but everyone was excited about what was happening, although nothing was happening.

I kept listening to The Prophet. Story after story, claim after claim, vision after vision, but nothing happened. One day The Prophet announced that a mighty move of God, that would usher in the Second Coming, was going to begin in his upcoming crusade in St. Louis! Everyone was talking about it. I wanted to go but could not afford to, but I still looked forward to all the amazing testimonies that I was sure would follow. Nothing happened.
I kept going to school, trying to enter into that special realm of faith that The Prophet walked in, or claimed to. Class after class, meeting after meeting, tape after tape.

The Prophet then began having special Holy Ghost Meetings right there at church. Thousands came, and The Prophet made many predictions about the future, but none of it came true. One night he sat in a chair and talked, cried and laughed in tongues about things he was seeing in the future.

Everyone got real excited about it, and ran off copies of the prophecy. They even posted an edited edition of it on the web site. Most of it was fuzzy, nothing specific, but nothing came of it. After a while they removed it. Maybe they were embarrassed, I dont know.

Up there people almost worshipped The Prophet. Great crowds of people would stand in line to hear him preach. Many times The Prophet would walk out into the crowd and make people fall down and laugh. This was big fun, although the policeman inside of me feared that it was all a big show of emotion.

As the years went by, I continued to listen to the Prophet, attend his meetings and read his books. I was always seeking that missing link that would make my faith work but never found it. In June of 2000, my daughter died of a brain tumor. My wife and I were upset and shocked, because the message that The Prophet had taught us for years did not work. We called The Prophet for answers and comfort but he could not be reached. Maybe he was having one of his many visitations from Jesus. You know, The Prophet was visited many times by Jesus. Jesus Christ would leave His Throne in Heaven to come all the way down to The Prophet, and even sit on The Prophet’s bed to teach him the Bible!

Sometimes The Prophet would argue with Jesus about scripture, but Jesus was very patient and would just smile and keep teaching. At other times, The Prophet would get to go on special trips to Heaven to hang out with Jesus and one time he even saw the outline of Almighy God on the Throne! At other times angels would come and visit The Prophet with special messages and instructions. The Prophet would then tell all about these visions and visitations, and then explain the Bible with special insights that he had received.

The Prophet was somebody really special with God. He saw Jesus more than the Apostle Paul did. Jesus even gave The Prophet a warning, that if we didnt receive what he was saying when he was in the Spirit, that we would DIE! What power and importance! How dare anyone question this mighty Prophet? Touch not My Anointed!

The Prophet often stated that he walked in Divine health, even though it is reported that he battled heart disease. He taught his students that in all the years of being a pastor, that he never buried a church member. (He didnt tell though that he jumped from tiny church to tiny church.) This brought much condemnation to his students that did bury church members, but hey, who can compare to The Prophet?

Over the years, many of The Prophet’s friends, family and students died of cancer and heart attacks. I guess that special anointing from the very hands of Jesus didnt always work.

Many people felt that The Prophet was an Apostle. He even spoke from the platform that he would live to be 135 years old!

I went to The Prophet’s funeral a few years ago. I was truly sad. People told me that he had died of an heart attack. Im sorry that anyone dies, but The Prophet’s death threw a skeptical shadow on a lot of his teachings and claims. I was really hoping that he would live forever. I was his greatest fan.



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