Posted by: John Edwards | January 26, 2009

Ex Word of Faith Network Is Growing


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God has me in the healing mode and I am not alone. As I read the blog’s of other ex Word of Faith people, I have discovered an almost endless network of other victims that have left the word of faith message.

When God first woke me up from this imbalanced teaching, I immediately began to ask my teachers, fellow pastors, and my fellow faith buddies a lot of questions. I was asking in sincerity, but was given no answers. They responded that I was offended. Well I was offended. I was offended that I was taught a message that is wrong. I felt for awhile that I was alone on a island with none to turn to for guidance or fellowship. So I started typing in ex word of faith into my Google browser. BINGO! I quickly found out that I was not crazy, and that I was not the only one questioning the teachings and claims of the Word of Faith.

There are hundreds of Christians out there that have left this movement.

New blogs are popping up everyday. You can go to one, and then click on their links which lead you to many more. We all have the same story, or at least a similar one.

Many ex word of faithers are using YouTube to put the word out. There are even two television ministries in the developmental stages that are going to air truth and testimonies to help people that are caught up into the Faith Message. New radio programs are firing up too.

As the Word of Faith Movement continues to explode world wide, so will the casualties. It is awesome that God is already laying a safety net to catch the ones that get tossed out.

After having read many of the blogs, and conversing with several people via email and telephone there are two striking things in common between us:

1) Our thinking of God and His Word has been totally screwed up to the point of not trusting any ones teaching

2) The spiritual abuse felt from our former word of faith leaders and friends.
These two elements are also signs of having been involved in a cult.

I encourage all of my readers that have come out of the Word of faith to start up their own blogs to share their testimonies. There are many word of faith people searching the Internet for these types of blogs looking for truth and friendship, because they will not get the truth from where they are.



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