Posted by: John Edwards | January 22, 2009

Word of Faith Movement needs to GET BACK TO JESUS


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I have had so much fun going to Seven Springs Baptist Church lately. I really enjoy the small group that meets at Brad’s house on Wednesday night. Last week he taught on the cross and last night he taught on the Resurrection. It was awesome and refreshing to get back to the most important basics of Christianity.

The funny thing is, that had I visited this meeting two years ago I would have got up, walked out and never come back. Why? Because it would have been boring and trivial to me. The salvation message had lost its luster.

After having been totally engulfed and consumed with the Word of Faith for so many years, the simple message of Jesus had become lost to me. I was more interested in how to get my confession to work for me. I was more interested in my vision and in my prosperity than in Jesus.

The bad thing about the Word of Faith is that they major on the minors and minor on the majors. I can prove it. You can Google hundreds of Word of Faith sermons and listen to them on your computer. The vast majority of the content will be centered on how to appropriate the tangible blessings of God. As a matter of fact, you can go to my old website and click onto my sermons. I was just preaching what all the other Word of Faith guys were. A humanistic message. Self-help. What can God do for me? What has God done for me lately? How can I prosper? Success, power with words, how to make my faith work, confession brings possession, you can have what you say, fives steps to claim your healing, how to write your own ticket with God, dominion through words, calling things that be not as though they were. I could go on and on.

The Word of Faith Message is not the Gospel. It is not centered on Jesus Christ. The Word of Faith Message is centered on faith. It is called the “Faith Message” for a reason. It is called “Name it and claim it” for a reason. It is called the “Prosperity Message” for a reason. It is, as Paul warned in Galatians, “Another Gospel”.

OK here is another way to prove it. Go turn your TV on right now. Tune in to TBN, or to Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland or Fred Price. I bet you they are talking about money, faith or healing right now. Their teaching focus is definitely not Jesus. It is not Biblical Christianity. Go ahead, tune into Michael Murdock. He will have you convinced in no time to sow him a seed for your miracle break thru!

I do thank God and I am very grateful to be getting back to Jesus. I am glad to be majoring on the majors again.

P.S. About the cross…….the biggest Word of Faith church in Alabama had all the crosses removed from their building. That bothers me, and it would bother any true Christian.



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