Posted by: John Edwards | January 21, 2009

THE Word of Faith and The Divine Contradiction


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Does the Word of God have any contradictions? What about the two great truths in the Bible of free choice and election? But a contradiction does not an untruth make. The human body is full of contradictions. The eye doctor says that there are things that go against each other to make your eye see.

Contra means to be against. Diction means to speak. Contradiction means to speak against what you have already said. Let me go further.

The Word of God is very explicit in that God has given man limited freedom to choose. The Word of God is also explicit that that choices have already been foreordained and predetermined by the decree of God.

The free choice of man, and the Sovereignty of God lay side by side in the Bible. Both of them are true although in our human minds these two truths oppose each other. One theologian I talked to described it as “tension”.

Many scriptures have the phrase “whosoever” in them. John 3:16 Romans 10:9-10 John 5:4 Mark 11:23 are a few of the many. Then again you have other scriptures that indicate or outright say that the outcome and decision is of the Lord. Acts 2:22-23 Eph 1:11 and hundreds of others.

Somehow these two opposing truths work together. I have limited freedom to make certain choices at certain times, and at the same time my footsteps are ordered of the Lord. I chose to accept Christ as my Savior, but I could not have done that apart from the election of God. Jesus said no man can come to the Father unless he is drawn by the Spirit.

I find it funny that Romans 9 is about predestination, election and the Sovereign Grace of God. Romans 10 talks about the “Whosoever” and then Romans 10 talks about the election and Sovereignty of God again. This pattern is all through the Gospel of John. I read the story of Joseph and see the sovereignty of God at work right along side the free choices of man. My question is, did those men really make free choices, or were they predetermined for them by God’s decree? Some would say that God reacts to mans decisions, but if that were true then God would not only not be in charge, but He would also not be Sovereign. Its a Divine Contradiction without error nor fault. The wisdom of God is truly a mystery to me. Those that think that they have it all figured out are possibly the most wrong. (:



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