Posted by: John Edwards | January 15, 2009

Last Night’s Reflections on the Word of Faith


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Last night I was invited to a small group meeting from Seven Springs Baptist Church. I have been hearing all about small groups for years but this was my first visit and I enjoyed it immensely. It was quite different from the Word of Faith gatherings that I have attended over the years. There was no arrogance, no pride, no flaunting of possessions, no outrageous testimonies and claims. It was just a group of warm and humble people sharing their faith in Jesus.

The guys name that hosted the group is Brad. He is also the praise and worship leader at Seven Springs, the church that we have been going to. He was doing a teaching out of a book called “Vintage Jesus”. I have not read the book, but Brad was excited about it. Some really interesting conversation and discussion erupted over the Sovereignty of God, predestination, and the atonement of Christ. I shared a few perspectives from the Word of Faith point of view which I no longer agree with. Im just no realizing how off track my theology had been. What I found so refreshing was that the tune of the discussion was about God, and His awesomeness. If it had been a Word of Faith group, we would have been sharing about tithing or what we had gotten by faith that week. We might have beat our chest a little bit, maybe bragged on our faith and the results that it was producing. You must remember, that Word of Faith people love to talk about “The Word”, but not in the sense that the Word is God, but in the sense that it is a play book on wealth and power, a how to get rich quick book, or a how to get your healing book. But at this meeting the Word was alive with personality. Jesus was a person, not a financial adviser. In Word of Faith circles there is so much emphasis on materialistic things, prosperity, success, money, victory and power. It was just nice to sit and listen to some real humble folks talk about how awesome God was. It was nice to be around some folks that did not claim to have all the answers. I loved it, and can hardly wait till next week. I went home feeling the Lord for a change, instead of getting hyped up on faith formulas and mechanics.

I like this church because it doesn’t appear to be vision driven or personality driven. So many other churches have this great big vision of marketing and advertising their programs and building plan. I like it because it is very grass roots, no frills, no hype, just some friendly people sharing God’s Word.

You know, the Book of Acts, there was no talk of vision, or building programs, marketing or advertising, they were just excited about Jesus. Thats the way it should be. We should be excited about Jesus instead of all the other stuff we get fixated with.



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