Posted by: John Edwards | January 14, 2009

The Word of Faith Movement: We Have Free Will? You’re Kidding, Right?


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I wasted fourteen years of my life thinking that I was in charge. By believing the false teaching of the Word of Faith movement, I sincerely believed that I could control, alter, change and create circumstances with my words and mighty faith. It took a while, but I finally realized that I couldn’t, and that no one else could either. That led me to studying reformed theology, or what is called Calvinism, predestination, doctrines of grace and all that cool stuff.

Free Will? I had believed that God had given us humans free will until I did some intense Bible study and thinking.

My definition of Free Will was this: I can do anything that I want to do. I can make any choice that I want to make. If it is to be, then it’s up to me! but then I got to thinking and praying and realized that I do not have a free will.

If I had a free will, then I would be able to do anything that I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. For example, my will and desire is to be in Hawaii right now, on a three month vacation. My will and desire is to live on the beach in Florida. I want to get on the airline of my choice, right now, and fly to Cozumel. I want to be a NFL quarterback right now. I want to lose twenty pounds right now. I want to grow two more inches taller right now. I want to start and open a new church this Sunday with 75 people in attendance. I want everyone to like me.

The truth is, that I am restricted by many things that I have no control over. Jesus even said that I cannot even change one hair white or black, or add one cubit to my height. I am living in a world of restrictions placed on me by genetics, race, opportunity, circumstances, other peoples decisions and my own obligations. There are just so many things that I cannot do. My will is hampered. My choices are restricted. I am a product of Divine Destiny and Predestination. I had no choice in my race. No choice in my DNA. No choice in my eye color. No choice in where I was born. I voted for John McCain, but Obama is my president. I had no choice in the death of my daughter. I had no choice in who my parents were. I have no choice in my son’s eye color.

Not only do I not have a free will, but I cannot control others no matter what I say or do! I could not make people come to church as a pastor. I could not keep folks from dying or getting a divorce. I could not cause two people to fall in love. I could not cause people to forgive and forget.

There are just so many things that I have no choice in! Even my decision to follow Christ was determined by God before the foundations of the earth.

Obama was ordained to be elected by God, no matter what my choice was.

The course of history has played out precisely how God planned it to. Jesus was slain before the foundations of the world. God is in absolute control. He has written the Book that already has its ending, and the drama of life will play out exactly as it was ordained by God. Romans 8:28. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER!

Acts 13:48
Eph 1:5
Eph 1:11
Romans 8
Romans 9
Acts 2:23 and hundreds more!

These scriptures freed me from myself, and from works and fear. I am now alive to serve God on His terms and not mine. The Word of Faith theology, which is nothing more than humanism, had become an idol in my life. My will had replaced God’s will. Or so I thought! Sometimes I go back and listen to some of those Word of faith guys and I cannot believe the heresey and blasphemy they teach! My eyes have been opened.

The hilarious thing is that I believed all of that garbage! Thank God, that HE opened my eyes, because I would have never found truth and deception had I been left on my own. Left on my own, I would go on a world record sinning spree. And so would you. (:



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