Posted by: John Edwards | January 11, 2009



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I am guilty of many of the things that I am about to write about. I see these same faults in many if not MOST of the pastors that I know and have meet on both sides of the Charismatic fence. I hope that I am wrong, and this blog certainly does not apply to all, but I am afraid that I am correct.

Many pastors I know are very busy building their kingdoms. They are extremely busy working on THEIR vision.

Many ministers that I know, myself included, are quite full of themselves. Pride, ego, and fierce competition abound amongst the men of cloth. I was looking at the new web site of a popular minister in Birmingham that has a really fancy video of himself with his shiny new jet. I know of several ministers from my old outfit that are hellbent on raising money for jets and airplanes. One of them hardly ever has to travel, yet he is raising funds for his new airplane so that he can keep up with everyone else.

For Fourteen years, most of my closest friends were pastors and preachers.

Most of them had enormous egos including me. Mine was probably the biggest, but I had the least success. Many preachers spend countless hours gossipping about other ministers. It is a rat race to keep up with each other.

Pastors compare the size of their congregations with the same male pride that men often have when comparing other things of size.

I have visited lots and lots of churches over the years, both charismatic and non-charismatic. There seems to be a cookie cutter vision that is common. Grow. Buy land. Build a big building. Fill it and build again. Advertise and market yourself and the church.

Did you notice that in the New Testament, that the believers never advertised or marketed a building or vision? It was all about Jesus and getting folks saved and discipled. Its not about that at all these days, no sir, it’s about money and success.

Many preachers will get up in front of the congregation and say that we need these things to attract the lost, or that they are doing these things to build the Kingdom of God…..but I doubt that. I have visited many churches, that were quick to advertise their building program, but were slow to even reach out to me as a person. I think that many, many , many pastors and ministers are on an ego trip. I was.

Tell me. Do we really need to buy more land and build more buildings?

What for? Do we have to spend millions and millions of dollars on dirt and brick. Why cant we use that cash to go out into the harvest? Why do we have to buy jets and airplanes? cant we just fly SouthWest, or must we be celebrities?

I know many ministers that have to live and act like rock stars, that truly do not give a rip about the people that attend their meetings and finance their lifestyles. I have been backstage with plenty of names, and I have acted like that myself on occassion.

The Body of Christ is wasting billions of dollars on egos. Why? Did Jesus go around doing fundraisers to build a pretty building? Was he on TBN raising cash for airplanes? I know pastors right now that have body guards. They preach faith and the 91st Psalm, and have body guards with little walkie talkies!

Did you know that there is a Mega church, that holds seminars every year to brain wash people in how to worship and serve their pastor? And pastors send their people up there for training in pastor worship.

Im telling you that I was like this myself, and so were most of my preacher buddies. It was all about success and keeping up with the church down the road. It wasn’t always like that.

The best time I had as a pastor, is when we met in a little yellow church house on a hill that would seat 75 people. We had nothing but that building that we rented for $700 a month, but we had CHURCH there! We had all kinds of spontaneous cook outs and fellowships. Then that wasnt enough. It wasnt big enough or nice enough. It wasnt professional or excellent. So, we moved into a BIG CHURCH! It seated 300 people, had three auditoriums and ten acres. We filled that up, so many cars that the fire department came and complained. You know that that wasnt enough to make me happy?

Instead of pouring myself into the people that were there, I was wanting to buy land and build and grow even more, maybe even get on TV. After all, there is a huge need for TV preachers? Ha! What an ego trip. We need another preacher on TV like we need more dogs and cats. It’s all about ego and money and keeping up.

Well, in 2004, my growing little kingdom started having some troubles. Too many egos in the way, mostly mine, and then even though we did buy the land and build the building, it all fell apart. Because it was a VISION. A self-centered VISION. MY VISION. My ministry. My kingdom.

Kenneth Hagin told us that the Lord Jesus Christ sat down with him for some personal insruction on how to be successful. He turned it into a best selling book entitled: “How to write your own ticket with God”. He has four easy steps to get anything you want from God. Well, I dont believe it at all, but if I could have anything I wanted from God it would be this: To go back to May 12, 2000, to that 70 seat yellow wooden building that all the other churches and preachers made fun of, AND NEVER LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything after that was a waste of millions of dollars, pride and ego. Sad that this same cycle is running constantly all over the Body of Christ. I am full of regret. There are many hundreds, if not thousands of other ministers that are just as guilty as I have been.



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