Posted by: Damon Whitsell | January 8, 2009

Word of Faith and Monica Dennington


An addendum to this post: We get quit a few hits to our site by people searching for the name Monica Dennington. IT SHOULD BE STATED that since this post was made Tic Toc Ministries, and Monica and Gary Dennington has become to be known by this blogs administrator to be a very dangerous group. Please beware of these people. They are very cult like. I have personal experience dealing with them and I have determined they should be avoided. So much so that as soon as I get time,, I will be doing some exposure work on Tic Toc and Monica and Gary. Damon Whitsell


Part 1: Exposing the Tic-Toc/Final Word cult: My experience with Monica and Gary Dennington

Part 2: Exposing the Tic Toc/FINAL WORD Cult: Others Experience with the Denningtons


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I did a radio show with Damon Whitsel in Texas last night. Its amazing the people from across the country that listen and call in. It was a live show, and we will be on there discussing the Prosperity Message next week.

Anyhow, Damon played some YouTube sermons from this girl in Dallas named Monica Dennington that compared the Word of Faith with some ares of witchcraft and she made some interesting points. If you want to watch them, then look to the right of this page and click on Tic Toc and it will shoot you over there. Her web site is kind of hard to navigate, but give it a try. Very interesting stuff.



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