Posted by: John Edwards | January 5, 2009

The Baptist Are Copy Cats! (a Word of Faith article)


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The Baptist Church is copying the Charismatic church! It’s true! My how the Baptist church has changed, and for the better.

I grew up attending Southern Baptist churches all over the country because my Mom is Baptist, and my Dad was in the military. I left the Baptist church in 1984 and was totally backslid for ten years. When I got back into church it was with the Charismatics. It scared me for a while, all the loud contemporary music, hands in the air, messages in tongues, running speed laps around the auditorium, and the occasional “Thus saith the Lord” message. But I got used to it, and even started my own Charismatic church.

If you have been reading any of my past blogs, then you know that I left the Charismatic church last year in search of truth and stability. I have found myself visiting various Baptist churches and my how they have changed.

I guess the Baptist took a good look at what was attractive in the Charismatic church and copied them. The casual dress code, upbeat praise and worship bands and free worship is what appeals to a lot of people these days. In my first go round with the Baptist, it was always dress up, hymn books, a choir and formal. And we NEVER had black folks.Now all the Baptist churches I have visited are just like the Charismatic churches except for the teaching. I like the change, but sometimes I still want to go hear an older minister preach on hell and repentance after hearing the choir sing out of the song book. Last nite I pulled into a small Baptist church out in the boonies. There were 9 cars in the parking lot but I was afraid to go in because I was in sweats. That wouldn’t have mattered much at the charismatic church. Now the Word of Faith churches are a whole different ballgame. Dress up is a must because projecting a prosperous image is everything. If you want to fit in at one of those churches then you have to wear designer clothing, drive a Lexus and wear a Rolex. I like being a red neck Baptist much better.



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