Posted by: John Edwards | January 4, 2009

Today in Chelsea (a Word of Faith article)


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Coni had to get her cell phone serviced for her new job as a hospice nurse today, so we had to hang out at Planet AT&T in Chelsea.

While we were there, a man that looked to be in his mid-sixties came in. He reminded me of one of those characters from Tombstone, Sam Elliot or someone. He was still built like a linebacker, had silver hair like Sean Connery, and a deep commanding voice.

Some how we got to chatting and found out that we were both ex-Marines.

He told me and Coni that he had been a machine gunner in Vietnam during the Tet offensive. Coni remarked that he must have told his grand kids a dozen war stories, but he said that he had never talked about the war. He then went on to share about one particular incident in Vietnam:

He said that him and a buddy were auguring about who should stand duty first at the machine gun post guarding the base camp. His Buddy finally won the argument and walked up there to take his post. A few seconds later a sniper’s shot rang out, and killed his friend instantly. At this point the Old Marine started crying…..right there in the AT&T store. I wonder, was he crying for his narrow escape, or cying that his friend took his place so that he could come home and live a long and happy life? I asked him how he managed to stay alive for two years in Vietnam. He told me that it was because he belonged to a praying church…one that prayed for him every Sunday and every Wednesday. A small Baptist Church in Alabama.

Interesting. I’m choked up.



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