Posted by: John Edwards | December 22, 2008

The Word of Faith and my journey out by John Edwards (a short snipit)


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Thank you for visiting my blog! It is the chronicle of my journey into and out of the Charismatic Word of Faith Message. Feel free to read all of the articles. You can start here or start from the beginning. You may email me at with any questions.

Many people stumble across this blog because they are checking out the Word of Faith. Maybe you are like I was, feeling like something was wrong. Maybe you are like many others, feeling trapped in spiritual abuse. maybe you have finally realized that the Word of Faith Message is not working for you. Whatever your reason, I am glad that you are here.

My name is John Edwards. I was a Charismatic Word of Faith pastor for ten years and one month. My wife Coni and I pioneered a Word of Faith church shortly after graduating from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1998. We were in the Evangelist Group.

Prior to attending RHEMA I was a Birmingham Police Officer and Coni was a Registered Nurse. WE are no longer in the ministry. We are currently not members of any church. We are trying to find God’s perfect place for us. I am planning on attending a Baptist seminary in 2009, and then re-entering the ministry.

I shut down my church last October after making the doctrinal shift from Word of Faith to Reformed Theology. When we made the change many of our tithers left and we could no longer keep the doors open to our brand new church building which we had just built. We needed a break though. Ten years of pastoring takes its toll, especially in the Charismatic church culture of high turnover. We loved our church family and still do, but we needed some time off to heal as well as to relearn the Word of God is a scriptural way. We had been so twisted in our theology that even the Truth was hard to find. We led many people astray with our false teaching and this blog is a way of reaching back out to those people, as well as alerting others to the dangerous and deceptive Word of Faith cult.

I will be starting a new blog soon and writing about the new things that I am learning and experiencing with God and His Word. If you wish to receive email alerts about this new blog then just shoot me an email and I will add you to my new buddy list.

I advise you to check out all of my links to other ex Word of Faith people that have left the deception and returned to true Christianity. God bless you on your search for Truth!

John Edwards



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