Posted by: John Edwards | December 20, 2008

The Word of Faith Healing Scam


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Jesus healed instantly. Jesus healed totally. Jesus healed completely. Jesus healed permanently. Jesus healed by word and by touch. Jesus healed the maimed and raised the dead. Jesus healed to vindicate his Divine authority.

Read Acts 2:22-23. His healing was a sign to the Jews that he was who he claimed to be.

The Apostles also had a miraculous healing ministry and even raised the dead. These activities were also to validate Jesus Christ to the Jews and then to the Greeks. As we continue to read down the timeline of the Acts and the Epistles there is little mention of healings and miracles. The Church had been established and confirmed.

Faith Preachers teach many sermons and many messages on the subject of healing. They teach doctrine from narrative. But Jesus never preached on healing. The Apostles never preached on healing.

Today’s faith healers get no real results. Of course they have many testimonies and outrageous claims, but they can not produce any real evidence. When I was at Bible School in Tulsa, we watched hours of old black and white films of the great healing revival of the 40’s and 50’s but there were no miracles. I have been to see Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Keith Moore, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborne, Kenneth Hagin, Norvel Hayes, Richard Roberts, and dozens of lesser known healing evangelist, and I never saw a single person get healed. Not one.

I worked with the Roberts as security. I was backstage with them and the Copelands. I was their catcher. I never saw one single miracle. I was an usher in lots of Kenneth Hagin meetings and I never saw a single person get healed. When I went to Bible School in Tulsa, we had students die of cancer.

No one got healed in class.

I would like to hand pick some people with true organic diseases, amputees, deformed, blind from birth, retarded, and have every single prominent healing evangelist lay hands on them. I would bet anything that not one of them would be healed. I watched Oral Roberts pray for a young lady with M.S that was in a wheelchair. Her body had been crippled and she was almost a skeleton. He prayed for her and nothing happened. I was sorely disappointed because I went to school up there totally believing in these ministers and their message. I watched a prominent faith teacher in Tulsa pray for a woman with a giant birth mark on her face. Nothing happened. I was three feet away. It hurt me to see her eyes.

I have been to and seen several homes that the Faith Healers live in. They are extremely wealthy. One of our instructors at school would drive a different luxury vehicle to school everyday. Most of them own planes and jets. They live like movie stars. How? People send them seed faith money in hopes of getting a miracle. They are laughing all the way to the bank! It is a lucrative scam, and suckers like me fell for it. With a pure and sincere heart I fell for it. When my 14 year old daughter died of a brain tumor in 2000, Coni and I tried to talk to Brother Hagin about it. We wanted answers. We were refused a meeting. But we still sent money in.

People are desperate and gullible. Offer them a miracle and they will pay anything. These faith healers know that. Supply and demand. But there are no results. It is a shame.



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