Posted by: John Edwards | December 19, 2008

Word of Faith Brainwashing Tactics


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Some people wonder why I call the Word of Faith Movement a cult. It is because of it’s cultic characteristics. Many Word of Faith pastors use cult tactics to maintain control over their flocks. I did it for years. I learned it from the other Faith Preachers that I knew and followed. Let me give you some examples of how Word of Faith pastors manipulate their congregations.

1) They do a tremendous amount of teaching on the subject of Submission to Authority. We even had a whole eight week class on it in Tulsa. We were hammered about submitting to authority.

2) Controlling what their church members say by teaching against criticism.

3) Controlling what church members read and listen to. Faith Pastors tell their congregants not to watch certain ministers on TV, or to read after certain teachers. They warn you that the spirit of unbelief will rub off on you.

4) Continuous teaching against being offended. Even though Jesus and others got offended, Faith pastors stress that their congregants should never ever be offended.

5) Constant teaching on being faithful. That includes being faithful in your giving.

6) Promise of a breakthrough. The Word of Faith Message is that if you keep up a good confession, keep sowing your money seeds, never talk negative about the pastor no matter what, keeping away from Baptist teaching, then your breakthrough is just around the corner! Payday is coming, they proclaim, if you do not get offended and if you keep sowing seeds and deeds.

7) Trumping the love card. Word of Faith pastors love to teach about walking in love.

Brother Hagin used to tell us that even if he was accused of shooting his grandmother, that he wouldn’t defend himself. He also tells the story of him and his wife nearly starving with no groceries because they were walking in love and did not want to address the host pastor about his care of them during a revival. Teaching love in this way clears the way for him to never defend himself against the plagiarism charges that have been leveled at him.

Congregants that sit under this type of teaching month after month and year after year are being brainwashed to the point that when they do hear and see things that are not right that they are too much in fear to speak out.

Many prominent Word of Faith teachers live outlandish lifestyles, make fun of the weak and sick, teach outright heresy and treat people like trash yet the underlings are afraid to cry out.

One of Kenneth Copelands former friends has started a blog at  If you visit this blog you can watch some excellent videos about how Word of Faith ministers control and manipulate their people through an imbalanced teaching to maintain order and control. I encourage you to watch the videos because he explains it way better than I can.

I receive emails on a regular basis from people that have left the Word of Faith because of these things. They grew tired of the spiritual abuse and threats. Another good blog to read is found at  It is the testimony of a fine couple that left a very controlling Word of Faith church after 25 years of abuse.
People may wonder why I hammer away at the Word of Faith. I do so because it is a dangerous movement that has ruined countless lives. It almost ruined mine. Do not underestimate how many people are in some type of recovery progam that have left this cult.



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