Posted by: John Edwards | December 18, 2008

Word of Faith Heretics


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JOIN US AND SHARE YOUR STORY!!!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  My top two heretics in the Body of Christ are Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps. Craig Branch and Clete Hux are two of the foremost leaders in Christian Apologetics in the world. They just happen to live in the Birmingham area, and I have had the privilege of chatting with both of them, as well as sharing my testimony at a fundraiser.

They recently published a newsletter where they confessed that they have been slow to call the Word of Faith a cult because so many Christians are hooked up with this message. The Word of Faith is a rapid spreading cancer in the Body of Christ. So many ministers are afraid to speak out against this cult, but I am not. Neither is the Apologetics Research Center. They have been watching Word of Faith broadcast and reading Word of Faith writings with a keen interest. APR has stated that these Word of Faith ministers go from teaching Orthodox Christianity to Heretical error and self proclaimed revelations. I applaud them for coming out of the world of political correctness and pointing the finger at gross theological error.

Kenneth Hagin claimed extra revelation in which he says Christ appeared to him on eight occasions for one on one discipleship. Charles Capps continues his teachings of lowering Jesus Christ to human levels on his daily broadcast, Concepts of Faith.

These false teachers preach that Jesus was NOT DIVINE during his earth walk and that HUMANS can be DIVINE here on earth. I have listened to hundreds of sermons by both of these teachers as well as having read many of their books.

This is all part of a satanic scheme to lower Jesus Christ to our level, and to deify mankind. It is humanism. It is New Age. It is heresy. It is false teaching.

Jesus Christ never left His Divinity for one moment. He was just as much God as an earthling as he was before and after He was born. He did lay aside his Divinity as far as attitude is concerned to be a servant and a sacrifice, but He never ceased to be God. A careful study of the teachings of Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps will show that their agenda is to lower Jesus Christ to our level and to elevate man to a God like level as the Mormons do.

The bottom line is, do you believe Kenneth hagin is a prophet of God? Do you believe that Jesus Christ appeared to him eight times with extra revelation that adds to the written Word of God? Charles Capps does. I do not. And if you do, maybe you would be interested in obtaining a copy of the Book of Mormon or the Koran. For more information please check out this amazing website:



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