Posted by: John Edwards | December 3, 2008

Piper Vs. Hagin, Round Two (a Word of Faith article)


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WOW! My last post generated the most emails that I have ever received! I have read everyone of them and will try to respond to them all as soon as I can.

OK, John Piper vs. Kenneth Hagin. I finished listening to John Piper’s expose on Job last night. It was good. I am a Calvinist. I am T.U.L.I.P. I reject the Word of Faith Message as taught by Kenneth Hagin and his cronies. I know that the WOF is a cult. I believe in Romans chapters 8-11. I believe in predestination, election and the sovereignty of God. These truths are non-debatable and undeniable. There is no way around them. No way.

BUT, I still have some questions:

WHO IS MY ENEMY? As a WOF teacher I knew that the devil was my enemy.

All sickness, disease, tornado’s, tragedy and lack came from him. I was taught to resist the enemy according to Ephesians 6 and to put on my armor. I was told by Jesus in John 10:10 that the devil was the thief and that Jesus was the GOOD Shepherd.

In the WOF, everything is so black and white. You know who the bad guy is.

You know that he is the devil and that he is always bad. He is out to destroy us.

I have been reading and listening to John Piper. He makes great scriptural points. But he paints a picture of God on an ego trip with our lives. He makes me feel like God is on this gigantic ego trip that takes pleasure in hammering me for his Glory. That God plays sadistic games with people’s lives to extract some type of sick glory for himself. Maybe I got it all wrong, but that is my perception.

I do not see that in scripture. I see the earth walk of Jesus. I see him healing and meeting needs. I see him as tender towards his flock. Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Can you give me any biblical examples of Jesus striking down a child with a baseball bat? Can you read me a verse where Jesus pours boiling water on a baby for his glory?

Yet this is the picture of God that I get from some of John Pipers teachings.

The teachings of John piper and Kenneth Hagin are as far apart as basketball and cross stitching.

John Piper has numerous scriptures to back up his teachings. I agree with much of it. I dont like it, but I see it. But I still have some questions.

Kenneth Hagin’s teachings present a “Grand Fatherly” God that wants us to sit in his lap. A great big Paw Paw in the sky, yearning to pour out blessings upon his kids if we will only exercise faith. According to Hagin, God wants me rich, healthy, successful and riding high. But there are so many New Testament flaws to his teaching. More holes than a cargo net. More holes than Swiss cheese.

As I have written in my last post, it appears to me that there are two truths that contradict each other running parallel in the Word of God. Could it be that we are not meant to know the answers? Does God use Satan as His hit man? Is the Devil God’s lackie? Does God use the devil to inflict us to teach us or to try us? There are many scriptures that point to this. Paul had a thorn. Jesus had Judas. Paul was in a shipwreck. John ended up a slave. ( I guess he missed out on the prosperity memo)

I sure would like to debate John Piper. John if you are reading this then email me. I would love to debate with any theologian about these matters.

Why does God allow evil? Is allowing evil a part of committing evil? The Word of Faith response is that God allows whatever we allow, but that is B.S. There has got to be either a middle ground or it has to be a mystery that will be explained on the other side.

Another question. If God uses sickness to teach us something, then why do birds and cats get sick? Is God teaching them spiritual truths too? Why do fish get sick? When one of my fish die, is it because God has a great master plan?

One thing that I am very clear on, is that most of the great Word of Faith promises are either for the Apostles or for Israel. That is if context means anything. Coni watched Creflo Dollar absolutely butcher an Old Testament passage about prosperity yesterday. That is common place in WOF teaching. They apply any scripture to fit into prosperity.

But the question remains, are there TWO opposing truths that are laying side by side in harmony in Scripture? Are these truths understandable? Is it for me to know? If I resist the devil, am I really resisting God? If I blame the devil, am I really blaming God? Acts 2:22-23 Eph 1:5 Eph 1:11 Rom 8:28



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