Posted by: Damon Whitsell | December 2, 2008

John Piper Vs. Kenneth Hagin’s Theology: (a Word of Faith article)


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I was listening to a CD about Job by John Piper on the way to work this morning. His view on God and His ways are 180 degrees different from the way Kenneth Hagin taught. I have to admit, that I like the Word of Faith Message a lot better. The Word of Faith Message is perfect. It is black and white. God is always good and trying to bless us while the Devil is always bad and trying to harm us.

In John Piper’s theology, I don’t know who the enemy is. He makes God seem like a evil, mean, heartless puppeteer that is sadistic. In Piper’s way of thinking, God is producing tragedy and trials in our lives for His Glory.

Yahoo! That really appeals to my flesh. Who could trust a Heavenly Father that sent a bully to beat on me? But I can see his point.

I still have a lot of Word of Faith beliefs. All day I argue with my boss from a Word of Faith perspective. He thinks that I am a loon, but he cannot answer my arguments. I cannot find any Calvinistic Theologians that will debate me, and I have asked quite a few.

I can see a lot of Word of Faith in the Word, but I can also see the Calvinistic Message just as clearly. It seems like the Bible teaches both sides at the same time. Both view points are clearly there. You have Ephesians 1:11 and Mark 11:24 in the same Testament. I can see all the promises of the Faith Message. I can also see the other side just as clearly. Is it possible to have two truths that oppose each other yet fit in harmony at the same time?

The Word of Faith Message is man centered. It gives hope for the here and now. The Calvinistic Message is totally God centered and gives hope for the hear after. Is the truth somewhere in between or are both true?

Question: Is God’s promises always His will? I had always taught that they were. But then I look at the lives of Jesus and the Apostles and see early death, sickness, poverty and persecution. Psalms 91 has always been my favorite chapter in the Bible, but is it speaking literal or is it symbolic?

Are the healing promises just for Israel and the early church? I see no one getting healed today by prayer alone. I see no miracles. No one can do what the early church did. At the same time I claim healing promises based on the fact that I never see Jesus hurting anyone. I still DO NOT believe that God puts sickness on His kids.

John Pipers teaching on Job and the purpose of suffering is so strange to me. He is teaching from the same Bible that Kenneth Hagin taught from.

Both have very convincing arguments. Both have scripture. If I could have my pick on who was right, I would want Kenneth Hagin to be right. But I know that the Faith Message is twisted and I do not trust the people that teach it. They have too many tall tales, too many scandals, too many outrageous claims. Plus their message does not work. I sure wish that God had written the Bible in such a way that we could all be on one page. I guess that is why we walk by faith and not by sight.



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