Posted by: John Edwards | November 27, 2008

WORD OF FAITH CHURCH: No Clapping Please


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(First of all let me say that I cannot believe that I believed this crap)
What would you think if your pastor got up in church this Sunday to announce that Jesus had appeared to him and transported him to the future? You would probably think that he had been smoking crack or meth huh?

Kenneth Hagin said that Jesus took him up into the ceiling of the Tulsa Convention Center to observe an upcoming church service. In the vision, the church people started to clap. Jesus then told Bro. Hagin that clapping was neither praise nor worship, and that it grieved the Holy Spirit when we clapped while He was moving. Hagin said that we are supposed to shout praises and lift our hands in the air instead of clapping or offering a clap offering.

So, at the University of Faith and Prosperity, where I attended seminary, we had an unwritten no clapping rule. When the teacher said something awesome, or if the Holy Spirit did something, we couldn’t clap. It is the Clapping Band. Now over at Oral Roberts, they were still clapping. I guess they didn’t get the memo.

What a load of crap. I still cant believe that I believed in all those visions.

Word of Faith people think Brother Hagin was a Holy Prophet that hung out with Christ for hours at a time. The Mormons believe that Joseph Smith hung out with Jesus too. Too bad so many charismatic and Mormons believe in continued revelation outside of God’s Word. Now I clap in church again and like it. I think God likes it too.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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