Posted by: John Edwards | November 26, 2008

The Word of Faith Movement AND Chasing Rabbits


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I remember a long time ago watching a dog race with my dad. I do not recall if we were at a track or if it was on TV, but I do remember asking my dad how they got those dogs to run so fast! He explained to me that they were chasing a mechanical rabbit and that the greyhound dogs thought that the rabbit was real, so they were running their hearts out to catch that rabbit. Problem was, no matter how fast they ran they could never catch that rabbit.

This reminds me of my years in the Word of Faith Movement. It was like chasing a rabbit. Or like the mule that is pulling the cart with a carrot dangling from a pole fixed to his head.

The Word of Faith message is basically that if you confess something and believe that it will happen, then you will get what you are confessing. For instance, if I want to get out of debt, then I need to confess that I am debt free over and over. Or if I am sick, then all I need to do is to confess that I am well over and over. Or if I want my church to have 20,000 members, then I all I need to do is to “speak it” over and over and believe that it will happen.

The same formula can also be used by speaking scriptures that apply to your need over and over.

Of course, the Word of Faith people will tell you that there is more to it than just speaking and believing. They also add that you must not jinx your positive confession with a negative confession or you have ruined it all.

That is not all though. You must also sow plenty of financial seeds into faith ministries. Plus you need to stay perfect in your love walk. The term love walk in the Word of Faith teaching, means that you never question a Word of Faith pastors actions, teachings or lifestyle. These ministers are completely off limits. Touch not His Anointed.

If your desires are not manifesting, and you are confessing the right things, sowing proper seeds, and walking in love, then you must be in some sort of sin. Maybe you are not witnessing enough. maybe you are not praying in tongues enough. maybe you are not being obedient enough. If you still have symptoms or lack, it has to be that you are failing somewhere. That is the Word of Faith message in a nutshell. No matter what you do it is never enough. It is a works based religion that exalts self instead of Christ.

I am thinking of one of my Word of Faith friends right now that is mad at me for blogging against this message. This person claims healing and speaks healing scriptures night and day. This person is doing all of the faith formulas. Problem is that nothing is working for my friend. This person has been on many major medications for as long as I have known them. If they were not able to afford the medication, my friend would quickly die. See, its not the Word of Faith keeping them alive, it is the medicine.

For many years I taught and applied the formulas and mechanics of confessing the Word and speaking in line with the Word. Their is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem lies in people putting their faith into the formulas and into their faith. Faith in faith, or faith in words is wrong.

We are to have faith in God. Word of Faith people are obsessed with their words. They become superstitious. They turn into weirdos that you cannot even talk to. Faith machines.

I know that I spent fourteen years confessing all kinds of things. most of them never came to pass probably because those things were not a part of God’s plan for my life. It took me that long to realize that no matter how many confessions that I made, that it was only God that could control my life. His plans always come to pass.

I can confess that I am a rock star thousands of times but I will never be a rock star. I can confess that I am a multi millionaire everyday, but God may want me to be on the mission field in India. I can confess all sorts of things good or bad, but my steps are ordered of the Lord.

There are many a Word of Faith Christian out there, chasing that WOF rabbit around the track of life. Around and round they run, never to catch the rabbit.



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