Posted by: John Edwards | November 25, 2008

Are You A Church Member From Hell?


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I sure hope that you are not. Every church has them. As a pastor I had more than my fair share of them. I always had at least five to deal with at any given time. These are the types of people that drive ministers out of the ministry. They make a pastors life miserable. These people keep their pastors up worrying and praying.

The question is, are you a church member from Hell? Does your pastor’s heart sink when he sees you coming towards him? Does he dread seeing you at church?

For the most part, I liked and enjoyed most everyone that attended my church from 1999 to 2008. But there where a few that gave me migraines. They made my ministry Hell on earth.

Here are a few descriptions of a church member from Hell. If you fit in any of these, please save your pastor from burn out and leave immediately with your BIG MOUTH shut. Or repent!

1) Do you constantly buck your pastor and his vision?

2) Are you always going up to him with a word from God about how he is missing it?

3) Do you demand that your pastor attend every single family function that you have?

4) Are you always arguing your point of view doctrinally with him?

5) Are you the church gossip? Always running your big fat mouth about everyone else?

6) Do you buck the church rules? Dress code for praise and worship?

7) Do you lecture your pastor about how he is missing God?

8) Do you corner your pastor every single service for a one on one counseling session?

9) Are you always complaining to the pastor about the direction the church is going in?

10) Are you totally unfaithful yet full of advice?

If you fit into one or more of these ten categories, then you are probably your pastor’s worst nightmare. You are probably sucking the joy and anointing right out of him. It is people like you that force ministers out of the ministry. If you are a church member from Hell, you can change! The first thing you need to do is thank your pastor for putting up with all of your crap. The next thing to do is to learn to keep your big mouth shut and start helping and praying. Just these two signs of repentance will go a long way.

If you are unwilling and unable to make these changes, then quit going to church. Please dont go somewhere else and be the latest church member from Hell!



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