Posted by: John Edwards | November 21, 2008

The Word of Faith Pyramid


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The Word of Faith is a scam. It is a false message, a corruption of the Gospel, and a money making pyramid.This message was developed in part by a man that has claimed multiple visitations from Jesus Christ. Brother Hagin has so many testimonies of miracle healings, face to face conversations with Jesus, hearing the audible voice of God, visiting Hell, getting saved outside of his body, being healed of a strange disease that has never been named, trips to Heaven, visitations by angels, raising the dead and seeing demons that look like monkeys. If his testimonies are true, then God has allowed him to have more supernatural experiences than Paul and the other Apostles combined. Many Word of Faith teachers claim similar experiences. I listened to these guys and believed them for fourteen long and frustrating years. I shared their stories with thousands of people from the pulpit to the mission field and on TV. I really and truly believed them.

It was about this time last year when God began to open my eyes to the deception and lies. I was already totally depressed and bum fuddled at the lack of miracles and healings in my meetings. Though I prayed for years and fasted and made millions of Word confessions, I never experienced the awesome miracles that the Word of Faith television evangelist claimed on a daily basis.

It is a fraud and I was duped! Not only was my faith duped, but I sent those scammers thousands of dollars of seed faith in hopes of getting in on that miracle flow. I feel pretty stupid about it now!

All it is is a money pyramid. The Word of Faith Big Guns stand there on TV everyday telling tall tales and asking people to support their miracle ministries by sending their best seed faith offering. Of course the prosperity message is working for them! All of the money goes straight to the top and never trickles down to the poor sucker that gave.

Examine their lifestyles. Private jets, designer clothing, fancy cars, mansions, body guards. They developed cronies by promising them that if they will hook up to the Anointing that the same Anointing will get on them. The Anointing to prosper, the Anointing to heal.

Birds of a feather flock together. These Big Guns have their groupies that copy cat their methods and retell their testimonies. I have been in these bogus meetings hundreds of times before I caught on to the deception. It makes me sick! Thank God for YouTube and Google. I spent all summer watching exposes of these fellows and reading various books by men of God that have spent years in apologetics.

What is sadder than the Big Guns, is the poor Word of Faithers out there that refuse to wake up and smell the coffee. I get emails from these poor souls all the time trying to take up for these guys. These brothers are truly deceived. They believe the Word of Faith mythology with all of their hearts and finances, but have nothing to show for it. All they have is someones else’s testimony that they choose to believe. The rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

There are no miracles happening in these crusades and special meetings.

There are no signs and wonders. No angelic appearances. No chariots of fire, no Glory clouds, no gold teeth fillings. All of these things have been debunked and proven to be frauds countless times. James Randi did a complete book on the “Faith Healers” and Hank Hannengraff has written an excellent book “Counterfeit Revival”. John MacArthur has exposed these Word of Faith heresies in his book “Charismatic Chaos”. There are dozens of web sites out there with scriptural evidence that the Word of Faith Movement is a fraud.

Just a study of the Word of Faith Family Tree should open the eyes of the honest. Brother Hagin learned the WOF from EW Kenyon who was heavily influenced by Mary Baker Eddy and others of the metaphysical cults. The Word of Faith is nothing more than Christian Science mixed with a money making scam called seed faith. I urge people to do honest study. Examine the bold claims of the Word of Faith teachers in light of the Word. Where is their evidence of miracles? They have NONE, but they have your money! My poor delusional WOF friends, I am still asking and begging for one tiny shred of poof of a miracle today. I will settle for a wart vanishing.



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