Posted by: John Edwards | November 21, 2008

Two Questions: The Word of Faith Movement


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I have two questions. If you know the answer then email me at and give me the answers. Do not be afraid. I do not bite.

The first question is, What did Jesus mean in John 14:14? He said that if we asked ANYTHING in His name that He would do it. Anything covers any thing. A healing is a thing. A new car is a thing. A trip to Hawaii is a thing.

Money is a thing. He said that if we ask ANYTHING, that He would do it. I have already written in my last post that I believed that he was talking specifically to his disciples in that passage and that he was conferring Apostolic Authority upon them. It was in a private setting away from the crowds in his last minutes with them.

Secondly, what did Jesus mean in verse 12 about GREATER WORKS? He said that we would do greater works than He did if we believe in him. I have not seen any works greater than walking on water or raising the dead. I have never seen water changed to wine or blind eyes opened. Could he have meant GREATER in number? I know that the Apostles had longer ministries than Jesus. I know that they raised the dead and did healings. No one is doing that today. Must have meant greater in number.

What do you think?



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