Posted by: John Edwards | November 18, 2008

Word of Faith Teaching Observation


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As I former Word of Faith preacher, I majored on teaching from the passages about the prayer of faith and the command of faith. I taught frequently from Mark 11:23-24, John 15:7, Luke 17:5 and the others. There are actually about eleven verses in the Gospels where Jesus tells us that if we have faith that we could move mountains or trees, or that we can ask God for ANYTHING in His Name that He would do it. These are absolute promises. Jesus said that if we would believe that we received when we prayed that the answer would be ours. In John 14:14 Jesus outright promises us that if we ask for ANY THING that He will do it!

These promises are great! Too bad they don’t really work. Be honest, how many times have you asked God for something, in the Name of Jesus, and did not receive? The “asking” scriptures in John chapters 14, 15 and 16 do not even mention us having faith. Neither does Matt 18:18-19. Having faith is not mentioned. In other places Jesus says that we only need the faith of a mustard seed and that we sow that seed by “SAYING”. But still, how many times have we asked for healings, miracles, special request and not received them? I know that I have seen my share of unanswered prayers. I prayed for ten years about the vision I had in my heart for my church and it went under. I prayed for my daughter to live and she died. I prayed for my father to live and he died. I have battled certain sicknesses and other obstacles that have not budged for an inch no matter how much Word I spoke, or how much I prayed.

I had always wondered what the missing link was. That is why I moved to Tulsa. I wanted to find that missing link to make my prayers work. After all, Kenneth Hagin stated that everyone of his prayers had been answered with a yes for over 40 years.

The standard Word of Faith answer is that if your prayer is not answered, it is because you have some sin in your life, or that you do not have enough of faith. Or maybe you had a bad confession. (Jesus and Paul made many bad confessions but their faith always worked!)

These are the questions that led me to a deeper study of the Word of Faith Message. Not only was it not working for me, it wasn’t working for anyone. Even the Big Gun Faith Preachers cannot make it work for themselves or for their families. Why I asked?

The Lord showed me the answer! It was right there in the Word of God but it took John MacArthur to shine the light on it. A careful study of the CONTEXT of these mighty faith promises will show that in every single case, Jesus was talking to His disciples that He had ordained as special Apostles and Founders of the Church. In every one of those passages, he is talking to His staff. He is instructing his inner circle, which received a very special anointing for miracles. These faith promises were directed to them, and not to the crowds. Some of these promises were made at the Last Supper. Jesus was giving His Apostles special power and authority. We get into trouble, disappointment and doubt when we try to operate in this type of faith.

In fact, the only direct faith scripture promise to the Church is in 1 John 5:14-15 where we are told that if we ask anything according to His will! One other place is in James where we can ask for wisdom and healing if we pray in faith. trouble is I do not know of many people that can pray the prayer of faith. I believe that the only way that we can pray in mountain moving faith is if God wills that faith into our hearts.

So don’t beat yourself up if you cant get the Word of Faith message to work for you, because it does not work for anyone. It only worked for the Apostles.



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