Posted by: John Edwards | November 14, 2008

Then and Now (a Word of Faith article)


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Some of my dear Word of Faith buddies keep trying to convince themselves that we are still in the Age of Miracles. I keep getting testimonies of people being healed of a cold or of a sore joint. Well Praise God for healing colds and sore knees bless God, but I am talking about a MIRACLE.

Show me a double amputee get his legs back by the prayer of faith. Show me a baby with severe mental retardation get healed instantly! Show me some one with burns all over their body get restored with new flesh instantly.

Show me some one that was born blind healed. I want real, medical documented evidence, not that you heard that someone somewhere got healed.

In the Apostolic Age, there were miracles and instant healings every time you blinked your eyes. Jesus healed instantly, without chemo, without surgery. Paul raised the dead without paramedics. Yet Word of Faith people cant see the difference between the power of God and the power of suggestion.

I do believe that God still heals. Sometimes. I do know that many of the most famous and prominent faith teachers died sick. I would name names. Other web sites name all of them.

The health and wealth message, as taught in Tulsa, is a fraud. Prove me wrong if you can. I want to be wrong. I want to see God instantly heal and do miracles. I want to see it right now. Prove it.



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