Posted by: John Edwards | November 14, 2008

Faith Healers and The Word of Faith Movement


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I did a study about faith healers in Louisiana.

They are called “Traiteurs” and they are able to heal by saying prayers in French. They do not accept money for their gifts unlike the charismatic faith healers of today. You can google Traiteur and read some fascinating stuff. Do you ever wonder how it works? Is it really the power of God? Is it really faith?

I know a healing evangelist in the Deep South. I know him very well and have traveled with him to several faith healing meetings. With my own eyes, I have witnessed many people claim to have been healed of minor complaints, but I never saw anyone get instantly healed of a serious organic disease or injury. But I saw hundreds of people act excited and awestruck with healings at his meetings.

I have also been to see many of the top names in the Word of Faith Movement and the Charismatic Movement. I have ministered side by side with some of these. I have worked for some of them. I have been backstage with many of them. I have been in some of their homes. I never saw one single display of God’s miracle healing power at work. Not a single one.

So, how does it work, to get all these people in a frenzy about something that is not even happening? To get a good understanding of this you should read Hank Hannengraff’s book called “Counterfeit Revival”. That book really opened my eyes. I read it during the peak of the bogus Lake Land Revival last summer.

The first ingredient for a bogus healing meeting is an atmosphere of expectation. Long before the faith healing evangelist arrives, you must get the people ready by telling testimony after testimony of great healings and miracles that you have seen happen. Then you tell the people to begin to “Pull” on the Anointing, and to bring everyone that they know to get healed.

Once the healing evangelist arrives, the next ingredient is music. Have the praise and worship band get the people sky high by playing crowd favorites.

You can often get a whole church into mass hypnotism by chanting or singing certain chorus over and over. I saw this done in Tulsa all the time.

We would even do it at our church. Get the people fired up and stirred up.

Next the healing evangelist warms the crowd up even further by baiting them with the exciting prospect of their healing being manifested that very night. The evangelist then tells many testimonies of all the miracles that he has had in the church before he arrived at yours.

Some times the evangelist will call people up with a word of knowledge. For instance, he might say, “there is someone up here with a sore left shoulder and if you will come up here God will heal you”. Of course, in any crowd of 50 people you will have someone with a sore shoulder. A church crowd is a church crowd no matter where you are. The person then comes up to be prayed for. After the prayer, the evangelist will often ask the person if he has been healed. Now this is where it gets touchy. The person being asked is standing in front of every one and feels like he cannot let God down or the evangelist down. So, more often than not, the person will say that he has been healed. That puts even more pressure to play along on the next person. The pressure continues all night until you have a house full of healed people.

Psychiatrist tell us about mass hysteria and peer pressure. All of these faith healers know how to work a crowd into a frenzy, even if they do not know what they are doing. The Holy Laughter deal is an example of mass hysteria and peer pressure. So is falling out in the Spirit. It is learned behavior coupled with peer pressure. It is not biblical. Neither is faith healing in a crusade format. We have no biblical examples Jesus holding healing meetings in arenas with ushers catching people as they fall out. We do not read about Paul teaching on the subject of Divine Healing. You do not read about Jesus teaching on Divine Healing. Healing was something they did on the spot and on the move. When Jesus and his staff prayed for people they were instantly healed of whatsoever was wrong with them. The healings were instant and miraculous. Deformed hands, blind eyes, the maimed, the demon possessed, the borned crippled, the lunatic were all healed on the spot with great power. This was God’s way of confirming the message of Jesus and the Apostles to validate the New Gospel, especially among the Jews which demand a sign.

I am still waiting for one single shred of proof of a miracle. I am looking for and asking for documented evidence of a permanent miracle of an incurable organic disease or irreversible injury. By a miracle, I mean that the healing had to take place without the aid of medicine. Please contact me if you can prove one single case. many of the leading faith healers out in TV land have been asked to produce evidence and they cannot. Why? Cause it is 100% hype.

In closing, I will admit that there are many, many sincere Word of Faith charismatic ministers out there that are 100% legitimate. There are preachers out there that believe in faith healing with all of their hearts and minds. I was one of them. They live in constant frustration and depression because they are getting no real results. If they would accept the biblical fact that signs, wonders and miracles were for the Early Church to validate the Gospel then they would cheer up and move onto evangelism. I know I feel much better!



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