Posted by: John Edwards | November 13, 2008

Seek a Pastor, not a Church


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For one reason or another, many people in the Body of Christ are out church shopping. Different people are looking for different things for different reasons.

I have found myself doing the same thing after having pastored my own church for ten years. Most people head for the church in the spotlight, the one that everyone is talking about. The Mega Church with all the lights, bells and whistles. There are many out there to choose from. I have visited a few. They are very impressive in their facilities and activities. I’m surprised at how user friendly these places are.
Some people prefer small churches which may have less to offer in the way of amenities, but have a family atmosphere. I guess they all have their good points and bad.

I for one am seeking my next church based on the pastor and not the church its self. I need a Shepherd. I need some one that teaches the Word of God with integrity, and someone that has a personal interest in my life.
The teaching aspect is the most important. What your pastor teaches and how he believes is critical. My pastor does not have to be a fancy preacher, with a flair for dramatics, he just needs to be able to teach me the Word of God in a way that I can understand it, and to motivate me to act upon it.

I believe that a pastor needs to have a true heart for the people. Many pastors today are nothing more than visionaries and CEO”S, with little interest in the sheep as individuals, but rather are vision driven.
I believe in small churches. There is no mention of associate pastors in the Bible. I believe that there should only be one pastor for one flock. If I am in the hospital, I want MY pastor to come and see me. When I am in trouble, I want MY pastor.

This can only be effective in a church of 200 or less. Once you get hooked into a Mega Church you can forget having a true pastor. If you have to stay in the hospital you might get a visit from the children’s pastor or a deacon.

I once made the mistake of having several associate pastors on my staff. Several pastors means several messages, diverse opinions, and often this often divides the flock. A church should have one pastor. Our biblical example is Jesus and how he handled things,he kept his church manageable. Jesus left the disciples with a church of 120.

Anyway, many people and pastors will not agree with me, but I am the one looking for a pastor. I want a pastor that in interested in my life. I do not want to be a number. I want to matter. I want a pastor that will teach me and correct me.

Have you ever watched a real shepherd with his sheep?. He knows them by name. He lays down his life for the sheep. The sheep know his voice.

At the same time, I do not need a babysitter to hold my hand and wipe my nose. I do not believe in calling my pastor every day for advice and chit chat. I would rather him be studying and praying, than to tie him up with my daily crisis.

I guess you average Christian is looking for the right church instead of the right pastor. I have been to small churches, that have little to offer, but had outstanding men of God as pastor. By the same token, I have been to very successful mega churches, with horrible pastors. I guess its what you want.



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