Posted by: John Edwards | November 7, 2008

Faith Healer or Fake Healer?


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This is an excellent article to be read and passed along. I agree with it. The way Faith Healers practice their trade today is in total contrast to the healing ministry of Jesus and the Apostles. I have personally attended many of these so called healing meetings and have never witnessed one single miracle. Oh I get emails about bronchitis or toothaches being healed and that is fine but I am talking about a true healing miracle.

I spent several years reading and studying about the great “Healing Revival” that lasted from 1947 until 1953. It fascinated me. This so called healing revival started shortly after Word War Two and consisted primarily of circuit tent preachers traveling about the country preaching the Gospel and healing the sick. Oral Roberts, Jack Coe and William Branham were among the stars of this movement. They even started a magazine named the “Voice of Healing” to publish the miracles. When I used to work for Oral Roberts, I used to sit in the research library all night long watching all the old black and white movies of these great meetings. I have all kinds of footage in my library. I would read about it and pray about it constantly. I truly wanted God to use me in this gift. It was my first dream after Bible School to travel all over the world praying for the sick. I wanted to be a faith healer with all of my heart. I thought is was real. I really did.

My first opportunity was when I was asked to pray for a retired policeman that was going in for a procedure the next day. I laid hands on him, prayed my best faith prayer and left expecting a great testimony of healing the next day. Instead of good news, I received a telephone call the next day that he had dropped dead before He ever left the house! Wow.

That is the way my ten year career as a faith preacher and faith healer went. The Lord did allow me to pray for a handful of folks that said their head quit hurting or their nose quit running. But I wanted to see the blind eyes open and the deaf to hear. I wanted to see people with missing limbs restored. I wanted to see children with Downs Syndrome healed instantly. I got sick and tired of Word of Faith people getting prayed for just to go get operated on. I had heard thousands of testimonies about people being healed but the majority of them used doctors and medicine.

If you look at the healing ministry of Jesus, it was totally different from the showboating stage acts of today. Jesus healed everything and everybody instantly and perfectly. He did not tell them to go on and receive chemo or to keep using their wheel chairs. He did not instruct them to maintain a good confession. He did not ask for any seed faith offerings. Jesus raised the dead. He restored the maimed. A far cry from what we have today in healing meetings. If these guys were for real, and if they were anointed with the power of God as they claimed, there would be news story after news story backing their claims. CNN, FOX and all the other media folks would be showing us the dead being raised, the blind eyes being opened and burn victim getting their skin back instantly. People are not being healed of organic diseases at these meetings. My definition of a healing miracle is that it has to be a real diagnosed organic disease which will not leave, that the healing is instant and without the aid of a doctor. Im talking about a deformed person being instantly and totally healed the second hands are laid on him. This is NOT HAPPENING. This only happened in the early church when God was confirming this new message in a show of His tangible power.

Jesus and the Apostles got results because they were ordained by God to usher in the Church Age. They raised the dead. They did not run praiseathons begging for money. They did not fly around in jets. They did not live in multiple mansions. They were executed for their faith.

The Apostle Paul did not draw attention to himself. He did not market himself.

You know, I spent14 years believing in faith healing. Even the sudden death of my daughter did not faze me for one minute. I did a healing meeting the next week. No one got healed of course. Why? Because the Gifts of Healing and Miracles are gone. They were here to confirm the Gospel to the Jews.

Even in the Book of Acts the healings wind down and the focus goes to teaching the Word. Do I believe in healing now? Yes, if it is the will of God to heal. I do not believe that we can pray the prayer of faith apart from God placing that faith into our hearts by His Sovereign choice.

You can confess healing scriptures all night and all day and you can chase every healing minister in the world all over the world but if God doesn’t choose to do a miracle then you wont have one.

Sometimes God does not heal. Word of Faith mythology teaches that if a Christian dies it is most likely because he is either in sin or he has a lack of faith. But I could name many a good Christian that died sick, many of them Word of Faith preachers such as Kenneth Hagin.

Paul got to the point in his own ministry where he was advising Timothy to drink wine for his stomachs sake and for his OFTEN INFIRMITIES. Late in his ministry Paul was unable to heal others. He himself had a thorn in the flesh that God did not removed. The Bible is full of examples of Godly people suffering.

Today’s Faith Healers are getting richer every day, and their crowds are leaving the meetings still sick and a dollar short.


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