Posted by: John Edwards | November 4, 2008

New England Patriots Heath Evans


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If you follow the New England Patriots football team then you will know who Heath Evans is. He is their starting fullback. In fact he made a critical first down run against the Indianapolis Colts last nite. Heath played his college ball at Auburn where he was fan favorite for his outstanding play and his faith in Christ.

I invited Heath to come and preach at The Edge when we first got cranked up in Grayson Valley. At that time, he was very popular with the Auburn Nation so I figured he would draw in some visitors and he did. He is the most muscle bound guy that I have ever been around. He had muscles on top of his muscles!

He preached a sermon about the faithfulness of Daniel. He went on to share a personal story about his earthly father’s faithfulness and I would like to pass it on.

Heath said that his Dad would always with out exception come to his room every single night of his childhood to pray out loud for him. This continued all through high school. Even on late nights on the weekends, Heaths Dad would stay up just to pray for him.

After Heath moved from Florida to attend Auburn, it did not stop his dad from praying for him. Every single night, all through college, his dad would call him and pray for him. That is an amazing testimony. It meant so much to Heath that his dad loved him so much. It also was a great example to Heath to become a praying man.

I started meeting Heath and his father at the player’s gate after Auburn home games. As we would wait for Heath to exit, his dad would preach to me about the power of prayer. Several Saturday nights that year, I was treated to a prayer series as well as eating at their RV.

One thing that I remember him saying was the nothing happens until we ask. He likened it to having a light bulb and a light switch and that nothing happened until you flipped on the switch. Once prayer is made, great power becomes available.

After Heath preached at my church, several men of the church began to practice praying for their kids every night. It is a wonderful addiction!



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