Posted by: John Edwards | November 4, 2008

Frustrations of a Faith Preacher


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I was a faith preacher for ten years. It was the most frustrating and depressing ten years of my life. I was so frustrated because I was preaching an exciting message but seeing no results. I lived in condemnation every Sunday because nothing that I was believing for was coming to pass in my church.

I had attended the University of Faith and Prosperity in Tulsa. I had worked for Oral Roberts and his family. I had been taught by the very best Word of Faith teachers in the world. I learned all the faith, prosperity and healing scriptures by heart. I listened to hundreds of faith sermons and attended all the miracle meetings and faith seminars.

On top of this I had written out pages and pages of scriptures and faith filled confessions that I would speak out every day. I ran around with all the other faith preachers that I knew. I would always make them mad and nervous by asking them hard questions. They could never answer them. I was accused of not having enough of faith and for having a bad attitude.

I used to spend a lot of my time praying over my life and ministry. Really it wasn’t real praying, but confessing things over and over. The Word of Faith teaches you that you can posses what you confess. The WOF message is that confession brings possession. If you want it, then speak it. There is much emphasis on your ability to believe God. You become OCD about your words. You get into bondage and fear because you are always afraid of saying the wrong thing that might jinx your prayers.

I would walk around our sanctuary for hours calling those things which be not as they were. I would speak to the parking lot. I would call the sanctuary full. I would call for the Glory and Power of God to fall in every service. I would call for healings and miracles. I made thousands of confessions. Maybe millions. New Age people call confessions affirmations.

Its all Christian Science and positive thinking any way you cut it.
I was also frustrated and depressed because of the hundreds of sermons that I had preached about faith and speaking out the Word of God. I never saw the results in my church family. I never saw the healings and miracles.

I never saw the financial breakthroughs or the angels. Of course, I was always hearing wild testimonies from everyone, but I never saw any evidence. Every one that I knew of that got healed of a major disease was operated on by a doctor. I wanted to see the healing power of God do it right there in the church service.

I would spend hours reading every faith book and litening to faith and healing Cd’s and tapes. Nothing worked.

In my experience as a pastor of a word of faith church, I never witnessed the supernatural power of God in manifestation. Now I did see a lot of human emotion and some fakery. I had some healing evangelist come in and do some bogus healing crusades. No one got healed. Not a single one.

What is wrong with me I wondered. Is there sin in my life? I knew that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God…..and that is all I did. I would read scripture out loud and listen to the Bible on CD every day. I was not cheating on my wife. I was not stealing.

Then I saw where a Big Gun got caught for having a gay massage. Hmmmmm. He was having the miracles, so what gives? I also heard through the faith preacher network of other Big Guns that were involved in sin too.

I often got mad at God for not showing up in the services. I wondered if it was the music or the sermons or what could be hindering the power of God.

Then I began to study and investigate. I started reading the books that other faith preachers had shooed me away from. Two of the best books were Counterfeit Revival by Hank Hannegraff and Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur. These two books opened my eyes up and the condemnation melted away. These two ministers had all the answers that I was looking for.

My studies eventually led me to what is know as Reformed Theology. That is Calvinism. My perception of God and His will and his Word changed 180 degrees.

I learned that many of the doubts that I had been having about the charismatic church were from God and not the devil. I learned that a great many things that I wondered about were things that God was wanting me to wonder about. God turned the lights on for me, and I am now a free man.

I still have several word of faith pastor friends. They are in the same boat that I was in. Doing all of that work and getting no results. Bless their hearts. They are confessing away, and always perplexed at the lack of results.

Banging their darling heads against the steel wall of God’s Sovereignty.

Word of Faith preachers think that it is all up to them to believe the right things and to say the right words and then that all of their dreams will come true. They do not really believe in the Sovereignty of God. They do not believe that God is in total control. They think they have God painted into a corner and at the mercy of their faith. They have no true biblical understanding of God and His decrees.

The more I study the Word of Faith message from a Reformed perspective, the more alarmed I become. I thank God for delivering me from that message. I have been the most happy trusting in God and not in myself or in formulas.

The Word of Faith message is bogus and twisted. It is humanistic. It is man centered. I get emails from people all over that have been crippled by this false teaching. That is the only reason that I write. This blog is lighthouse beacon cutting through the Faith Fog to bring Christians home.


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