Posted by: John Edwards | October 29, 2008

What Men Want


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The number one need of a man is SEX, SEX, SEX, every day, every way. I am talking about normal men. That is what they want more than anything else.

The second thing that a man wants is a hot wife. Every man wants his wife to look good. That means makeup, perfume and a nice figure. Now your husband knows that you may not look like Paris Hilton or Brook Shields, but he does want you to look your hottest possible.

Thirdly, your husband wants you to be his cheerleader. He needs constant encouragement. He needs your approval more than anyone Else’s. He needs to be adored and respected. He needs you to believe in him.

If you can cook, that is a bonus. These are the three most important things that a man wants in his wife. Sex, Looks and cheer leading. So wives, put on that make up, join a gym, fix that hair, jump his bones and tell him that he has hung the moon.


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