Posted by: John Edwards | October 28, 2008

Desperate Housewives

 I have spent the last ten years of my life meeting with many, many desperate housewives, that were unhappy at home. These women were not getting their needs met by their husbands. many times I would try to help their husbands out but more often than not they would not accept my advice. So many of the wives would go out and find what they wanted in other men. The fault lies with the stupid husband.

So, if you are one of those men that want to keep your wife at home, and out of some other man’s bed, then follow these steps. These are the top three things that your desperate housewife is seeking. And if you cannot deliver, then some other man will.

1) Communication. Talk to her. Pay attention to her. Listen to her. Act interested. Ask questions. Get excited. Turn the TV off, put the beer down and TALK!

2) Affection. That does not mean that you throw her across the bed for a quickie. This means that you must pre-heat the oven before you cook.

Women like to be petted on, touched and loved on. This pre-heats their oven. Remember when you dated? You would hold her hand and all that stuff. They like it better than sex. On the other hand, do have sex with her. many men do not have any desire for sex. They make a little blue pill for that now.

3) Security. Get a job, keep a job, provide for her. many women go looking elsewhere because they want a man that will take care of them. Men that hop from job to job and from house to house are prime candidates for being cheated on. Your wife wants to to have some vision and some stability.

OK, tomorrow I will pick on the women and write about what every man wants in his woman. Remember, I have sat in a pastors office for ten years. I was a good listener. Maybe if you will read my stuff and act on it, you will have a good marriage!


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