Posted by: John Edwards | October 27, 2008

Why Women Cheat


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I am writing this out of my knowledge as a former pastor with ten years of experience. Women run around on their husbands like crazy. I had always thought that it was usually the man that ran around on his wife but in most every single case of adultery that I ever knew about it was always the woman cheating on her faithful husband. Time after time I witnessed good men who were good fathers and hard workers lose their wives. Not just in church circles, but this was also the case with many of my personal friends.

I can usually tell when a woman is cheating or about to, or wants to. As a former minister I had my share of desperate housewives trying to lure me in, and it wasn’t because of my charm and good looks.

The number one reason why women cheat is that their husbands don’t pay any attention to them. They don’t listen. They are not interested in their views, opinions or dreams. Husbands stop noticing things. Husband quit being chatty and flirty. Many husbands begin to take their wives for granted. Guys, you cant do that any more. Women have money these days and they will leave you in a heart beat. I have seen this happen dozens of times and it all started when the husband quit paying attention to her.

Women have to be noticed. They want to be heard. They have to have your undivided attention. What happened is that someone at work or at church begins to notice your wife. They begin to listen to them, to pay attention to them, to actually notice their new haircut or outfit. Desperate house wives are starving for attention and conversation. When the guy at work or at church starts to pay her attention, watch out. Its just a matter of time before the hanky panky starts. I lay the blame on the stupid husband who takes his wife for granted and no longer talks to her or notices her.

I used to tell the men at church to pay attention to their wife or someones else will. I can promise you that someone thinks that your wife is attractive and interesting even if you no longer do.

I do not think that women cheat because they are sex machines. I don’t think they have sex on the brain. They cheat for attention.

My advice for all the stupid men out there is for you to start flirting with your wife again. Slap her on the butt and compliment her. Tell her that her hair looks good, that she looks good, that she smells good. Talk to her. Ask her about her day. Take her on a date. Hold her hand. Have sex with her, not just a wham bam thank you mam. Send her flowers at her work place.

Write her notes. Pay attention to her!

Now when I tell men to do this they never do. They just get mad and brush it off. Then the next thing they know, their wife is sleeping with some guy. I have seen this happen over and over. That is why women cheat. A lot. I am talking about Christian women.


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