Posted by: John Edwards | October 24, 2008

The Word of Faith Racket and Scam


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Most of the Word of Faith teachers and pastors that I have known were sincere Christians that loved God. They were just sincerely deceived doctrinally. I was one of them for the ten years that I pastored a Word of Faith church. There is also another group of Word of Faith ministers that are professional con artist.

You can watch many of these in action everyday on television pitching their seed time scam.

One of the common elements of a Word of Faith church service is the offering time. The average Word of Faith offering time is an infomercial. It is quite common to spend up to 30 minutes reading Old Testament prosperity scriptures followed by some amazing testimonies and then some catchy affirmations to get you excited about giving in the offering. Some of these gadgets are very lucrative.

I unintentionally did one myself back in 2000 when we were meeting in a small church on a hill. I had just read a book by Oral Roberts about sowing a financial seed according to you current need. For instance, if your teenager was on drugs, then sow your best financial seed for a miracle in the spiritual realm. Or if you marriage sucks, then sow a money seed to save your marriage. maybe you are in ill health. If so then sow the best seed possible for your healing. Current televangelist Mike Murdock is a real pro at this type of teaching. He as devised all sorts of scams from the Bible and from what God has spoken to him. Anyhow I got really fired up about this bogus message and did a whole Sunday morning service about sowing your seed for a better job or sowing your seed for more money. It was an honest sermon because I really believed in the principal. So, I preached my heart out and took up a special offering. The amount of money that came in that particular day was probably the best offering we ever had. It was so big that it scared me. I was scared because I knew that I could keep doing that and raise a ton of money. It was too easy. People are desperate for miracles and will spend their last dime to get one from God. I never did another sermon like that because I was afraid of my motive being to raise money.

Later I found out that some of these Word of Faith gurus hire consultants that have figured out how to manipulate needy people out of their money.

In his book, “The Faith Healers”, James Randi has documented instances of Oral Roberts using marketing schemes to target certain personalities into sending in their money. He is not the only one either. This practice is now standard play. I told you about the scam Kenneth Copeland did by having a yellow stickie with the words “John & Coni we are hear for you” hand written. This is a racket folks. It works.

Another example is Leroy Thompson “pull the lever” chant that many Word of Faith churches use. He would stir the crowd into a frenzy by having us yell in unity, “Money Cometh“. We did that at offering time at the large Mega Faith Church that we attended in Tulsa. The sound of thousands of desperate broke students screaming “Money Cometh” is both deafening and sickening. It was sad to see my pastor buying into this. It is manipulation and peer pressure.

Another gadget that is popular in the Word of Faith churches is the affirmation that begins with the words, “as I tithe and give offerings, I am believing God for jobs and better jobs”. That one took about 30 seconds to do. It finally dawned on me that this was wrong and I quit doing it.

The Word of Faith Message is so deceptive. It looks good, smells good and feels good. You start out finding a Bible based self help motivational message and turn into a materialistic greedy person. All of reasons to give turn from worship and obedience to greed and wrong motives. It is an evil message. Whats worse is that there are professional Word of Faith teachers out there going all over the circuit holding special “Prosperity Seminars”. I am not kidding. Some of these con artist have bios that proclaim that they have a special prosperity anointing, and that if you have them in your church that the prosperity anointing will run off onto your church members and they will see increase and abundance. It is a racket folks.

Please do not fall for this corrupt message.

These Word of Faith teachers have built our redemption on the tithe. In their teachings, Malachi 3:10 becomes the cornerstone of all of our blessings.

What is really sad is that this teaching is being spread all over Africa and other Third World countries. Those poor people are being conned out of their money, sowing into some big American prosperity preachers bank account.

I think that the Health and Wealth Message, as taught by the Big Guns on TV is from Hell. It is the worst kind of deception, turning the Gospel and Blood of Jesus into a money racket. These guys are pros at twisting the Scripture into saying whatever they want it to say, and they are getting wealthy doing it. It is gross error. What is even sadder, is the well meaning deceived Christians that have been sucked up into this garbage and refuse to do their research. I would advise anyone that is trapped in the Word of Faith Cult to Google their favorite Word of Faith preacher and read all the hundreds of articles exposing their corrupt teachings. You can google them on You Tube and spend hours looking at the evidence. The reason most will not do this is because of fear. The Word of Faith huckster love to threaten people by saying touch not God’s anointed or you will die. They also love to pull the “Walk in Love Card. That is their favorite tactic, the Love Card. Well Jesus is the expression of Love, and he exposed the false teachers in His day. Paul called them by name and warned his followers of the heretics out there.

Doctrine is important. Heresy happens, even to the well meaning and innocent. Do your homework.


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