Posted by: John Edwards | October 23, 2008

KENYA UPDATE (a Word of Faith article)


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I had the great honor of speaking at Jennifer Chemiringo’s memorial service last Sunday at Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Several hundred people were present. Charles needed $20,000 to have Jennifer’s body flown home to Kenya, and $22,000 was raised from the large crowd that attended. You may be surprised to learn that there are over 3,000 East Africans that live in Birmingham. Charles and Jennifer had been founding members of The Edge and Hillside Church for eight years. They were both educators in Kenya before coming to the States.

Charles and his two teenagers are flying Jennifer home next week. After burial, Charles will begin his work as a missionary to the unreached tribes in Kenya and Sudan. It is very sad that he will not be with his lovely wife to see their vision come to pass. They had both been living in our area for many years while attending seminary and working. Charles and Jennifer are the two best examples of Christians that I have ever met.

I plan on traveling to Kenya next July for 30 days of ministry. I will be doing several out door crusades with Charles. I will also be visiting and ministering at three other churches in Kenya that we have been involved with over the past few years. My goal is to spend a month every year preaching in outdoor evangelistic crusades as the Lord wills.

I last preached in Africa in 2006. I did meetings in Kenya while Coni did women’s crusades in Tanzania. We both look forward to ministering in Africa again, and will be working towards raising support for these endeavors.

I wanted to thank my readers for sending in $900 for Charles and Jennifer.

Charles is a true man of God on a mission and needs all of the prayer and finances that we can send his way. Please continue to remember him in your prayers in that he is very much grief stricken with the passing of his dear wife. They were both best friends and partners in sharing the Gospel.



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