Posted by: John Edwards | October 22, 2008

President Obama


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Get over it and get used to it. He is the next President of the United States of America. Unless God intervenes, Obama will win in a land slide. I know that this angers and disturbs most Christians, but it is God that determines who our leaders are. He sets one up and brings down another according to His purposes not ours.

Back when Bill Clinton got elected, I thought for sure that the country was doomed. Well. we are still here.

Back during the spring, I had several dreams about Obama. Maybe it was my meds mixing with pizza, maybe they were satanically induced, maybe they were from God. Anyone that really knows me knows that I have dreams that come to pass. Many times as a pastor I would have a particular dream about a church member and that dream would play out in real life.

One day I will write about these dreams.

I had one dream where I was with President Obama in a state room of some sort. We were with a group of people that were wanting to talk politics, and he wanted to have a Bible study. I had two other spiritual dreams about him being President, and about him being a Christian. After I had those dreams I shared them with about 200 people. That is when I started praying for him.

Later I saw a major publication with a picture of Obama and his staff praying together before a rally. Now that was not a dream, that was when I was awake and sitting in a lobby reading News Week or something.

I know people are scared to death of the man with a funny name and weird friends, but I am not the least bit afraid. God is in full control of everything in this universe. God has a plan, and His plan will come to pass, even if we do not like it.

So go out and vote and pray that God’s will shall be done, and even if you do not vote, guess what? God’s will shall come to pass no matter what. God is in total control no matter who is in office. Read Romans chapter 9 and Romans chapter 13


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