Posted by: John Edwards | October 22, 2008

But Pastor, God Told Me…. (a Word of Faith Movement article)


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I was the pastor of a charismatic church for ten years. During that time I met many, many people that said that God had spoken to them personally. I met and pastored many, many people that claimed to have heard the audible voice of God giving them direction. If I had a dollar for every church member that ever came up to me and said, “but PJ, God told me……” then I would have enough money to vacation in Hawaii all winter long.

I heard these comments and testimonies most often after having taught something that was plainly written and revealed in the Word of God. Often what I preached went against what people believed and claimed to have experienced.

I once taught a series on Angels. In the Word of God, Angels always appear as men, and never women. Wouldn’t you know that I would have church members come to me with their own unbiblical testimony of seeing female angels. Such is the world and culture of a charismatic church.

To many charismatics, it doesn’t really matter what the Word of God says, because God has told them different. Charismatics are quick to believe anything that they hear, no matter what it is, even when it violates plain Scripture. I could give dozens of examples.

I know many charismatics that base their lives and decisions on things that they think were prophesied to them by so called prophets. I have been prophesied to dozens of times by people that have a Word from God for me. Mostly it is their opinion.

Over the Summer I taught extensively on the Sovereignty of God, predestination, election and the Grace of God. No matter how many Scriptures that I would read out loud, people always came up to me and said: “Now PJ I know that you read that out of the Bible, but this is how God explained it to me……” B.S. God didn’t explain crap to you. He has already spoken once for all in His Word, and no man can add to what God has already spoken. The written Word of God and the Holy Ghost in your heart is all that you need.

The Apostolic gifts of the Spirit were training wheels for the Church, and ceased when the Word of God was completed. Our Bible is the whole Word of God that we need for our lives. We do not need hokey people walking up to us a church to give us a word from God. We do not need a tongue with an interpretation from God, because He has already spoken to us all that we need in this life in His Word. Everything else is shaky ground. The Word is Firm and Secure. The Early Church had no New Testament, no written rule, nothing but parts of the Old Testament if they were lucky. God performed the signs and gifts through the Apostles only to tidy the Church over while He was penning the Word.

Charismatics do not accept the Bible as their final authority. They also seek after and chase around words from God. This is dangerous ground.

Charismatics open themselves up to familiar spirits and the cunning of men on a daily basis.

When the Lake Land Revival was going on, I warned from Scripture of the dangers and deception. But people did not want the truth, they wanted feelings and experiences. Well, the whole thing was shut down when the truth came out.

Do yourself a favor, accept nothing but the written Word of God. All else is speculation, hearsay, and the unknown.



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