Posted by: John Edwards | October 17, 2008

Jennifer from Kenya has died


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Our lovely friend Jennifer Chelegat passed away. Jen had been suffering from breast cancer for several months. She is in Heaven with our Lord, but her husband Charles and her two teenage children are here in Alabama trying to raise the money needed to embalm her body and fly her to Kenya for burial. It will cost $20, 000.

This family has given everything for the Gospel. Jennifer was a school teacher in Kenya and left there to attend seminary here so that her and Charles could return home and share the Gospel to the unreached tribes in Kenya and Uganda. Jennifer cleaned houses. She also cleaned our former church for several years. Jennifer was the sweetest woman that you could ever meet. Humble. I have never heard these precious people complain about anything.

If God would stir your heart to help fly Jennifer’s earthly body home to Kenya, then please do more than pray. You can send a donation to Charles Chelegat 1650 F Valley Ave Homewood, Al 35209.

There will be a memorial service for Jennifer this Sunday Evening at 6PM at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Green Springs. Please pass this on to your friends. Romans 8:28



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