Posted by: John Edwards | October 16, 2008



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I sincerely believe that Brother Hagin’s teachings have brought spiritual ruin and tragedy to many well meaning Christians. His teachings come primarily from two sources. 1) EW Kenyon’s writings which are based in Christian Science, and 2) Brother Hagin’s claimed visions. Brother Hagin was my teacher. I sat under him in class for two years. He would constantly warn us not to accept anything that could not be found in the Word of God, and then he would teach freely from his visions. I personally think that the visions were fabricated by him to give himself authority by Christ Himself, much like Joseph Smith did. Brother Hagin was on the outside looking in during the great and bogus Healing Revival of the 40’s and 50′ that made Oral Roberts, AA Allan and William Branham rich and famous. Hagin had to have something to keep up, and I believe his claim of visions was the ticket.
There are thousands of people that are firm believers in the Prophet. I was once one of them. I believed everything that he said and taught, even when my spirit was doing flip flops. I have seen many of his students become bullying pastors. I have seen a whole sect of Christians become obsessed with Faith and Prosperity. I have been to countless seminars, revivals and meetings where the emphasis was money and power. Jesus was an after thought. I call the Word of Faith a Christian cult because it is existing right in the church. Every Word of Faith person that I know is a sincere born again Christian that is living in a world of deception and fear. They are deceived into thinking that they can control their lives and circumstances by speaking and believing. The Word of Faith is humanistic and man centered, and appeals to the flesh. Money, success, power, invincibility, total control, supposed inside information and guaranteed health. These folks sincerely believe that this crap is working in their lives even though every one around them can see that it does not. The deception is that you go from trusting Christ to trusting in your ability to believe which may sound like the same thing but it is not.
I have spent the last few months studying what the experts call Reformed Theology. Others call it Calvinism. It is what Jesus and Paul taught, and what the Church Fathers taught. I now attend a Presbyterian Church and I am receiving sound teaching. Each sermon opens my eyes to just how bad I had been deceived. I spent 14 years listening to Kenneth Hagin, Charles Capps and others that taught the Health and Wealth Message. I was so brainwashed with bad teaching. I had my desires and my vision on the throne. The Word of Faith teaching is very strong on you having a vision and speaking that vision to pass no matter what. The focus is never on living a humble and crucified life. The Faith Message is based on what God can do for you right now. It is not a God centered message. It is a message of greed. It belittles those that fail to receive. When my 14 year old daughter died suddenly from a brain tumor, Kenneth Hagin would not even talk to us when we tried to meet with him. We wanted answers. We had made all the confessions, did all the formulas and sowed all the right seed, but to no avail. Many in the Faith Camp tossed us onto the dung hill. This same situation has been repeated hundreds of times. People are mocked for their faith failures from behind Word of Faith pulpits. It is a movement that is full of arrogant spiritual pride and even hatred for those that oppose it.
A few days ago I promised to give you a link to a scholar that has dissected Kenneth Hagin’s visions with Scripture. This link is what God used to really open our eyes to the deception and fear that we were living in. If you are not afraid of the Truth, then dig in and read. Do not be afraid. The Word of Faith Big Guns thrive on threats of something bad happening to you if you reject their teachings, but Jesus said that the Truth will set you free. Coni and I are free. We are enjoying the Grace and Fatherhood of God again. We have been delivered. We are alive again! Please forward this link to any of your friends that might be involved in the Word of Faith before their faith is shipwrecked.


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