Posted by: John Edwards | October 15, 2008

So Easy Even A Cave Man Can Do It


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I am amazed at how few scriptures Christians have memorized. They take it for granted that they will always have the luxury of dusting the old Bible off and reading it. There may come a day when the Word of God will once again be precious and rare. Look at my cluster map and see all the dark ares where I do not get hits. Its mostly in countries that do not have Bibles. Look at China, Russia and the Muslim countries. You can be killed for attending church in those places, yet we here in American just take everything for granted.

Here is a way to memorize the Bible that even a caveman can do it:
Go out and buy yourself a virgin Bible that has never been marked in. Choose the version you like the best. While you are at the store, buy a high lighter. Go home and highlight 5 meaningful scriptures. Read them out loud every single day. Each week add 2 more scriptures. Read them along with the first 5 out loud.

Do not try to memorize it. Just read your high lighted scriptures out loud every day possible. Always add a couple of new ones each week, say on Sunday.

At first this will only take a couple of minutes a day. After a few months it will take 30 minutes a day. But you are learning the Word and where those scriptures are located. They will soon roll off your lips in conversation or in witnessing. After a couple of years you will find that you have memorized hundreds of scriptures with out trying! This is so easy that even John Edwards can do it. You may live in a country where the Bible is banned one day. It could even happen here, and probably will. The Liberals took prayer out of the classroom and one day they will take the Bible out of the bookstore. Why? Because we are apathetic and don’t want to stand up to public opinion.



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