Posted by: John Edwards | October 14, 2008

The Word of Faith Message is voodoo

The Word of Faith Message is voodoo. I used to make my youngest son Brian do his “confessions’ everyday on the way to school. He would recite them out of a small book by Charles Capps called “God’s Creative Power”. It is a book full of paraphrased Bible scriptures that have been totally twisted out of context and spun together to form a confession. These confessions cover just about every area of life including health and wealth. The idea is to confess these confessions at least once a day till faith comes. The confessions will cause your faith to be released by your words therefore creating or changing circumstances. Brian did these everyday out loud for about three years. He even had the book memorized.

One day, on the way to school, he blurted out: “Why isn’t this crap working?”. I got so mad, because I really was wondering the same thing myself. I had been making these same confessions for around 14 years, and my life was no better off than any Baptist or Presbyterian. It does not work because it is Voodoo. It is Christian Science with just a little different terminology.

The entire Word of Faith Message is built on the false concept that your words, spoken in faith, will create or destroy. The catch phrase, “You possess what you confess” was taken from Mary Baker Eddy and the Christian Science gang by EW Kenyon. Kenneth Hagin then plagiarized these sayings and now we have thousands of deceived people practicing witchcraft and getting no where in a hurry.

The Word of Faith Message teaches that you can have health, healing and wealth by speaking it into existence, or that you can speak scriptures like magic and that there will be a manifestation of your desire. It does not work because it is not in the Bible. These Christian Scientist made a science and a formula out of the Word and left God’s will out. It is humanism. It is man taking God’s place and ruling in life through his words instead of living a crucified life and serving others.

The read sad thing is that the Word of Faith teachers and practicers know that it does not work. They are just afraid and full of fear. They believe it when Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps claimed that Christ Himself taught them this formula. Well it did not work for either of those two, so don’t feel bad when it wont work for you. It’s voodoo. Run from this message before it turns you into a robot programmed with fear.

Word of Faith people are in the same trap as the Catholics and Mormons, they are forever on a rat wheel of works. All three of these groups are works based, fear based, and controlled by Prophets that claim special revelation from God. It is deception.



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