Posted by: John Edwards | October 12, 2008

A Very Strange Day ( an Ex-Word of Faith Testimony)


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Today was a very strange day. It was the first Sunday in ten years that there was not a church in Birmingham named The Edge or Hillside. It was my first Sunday as a regular guy. Exactly one year ago this morning, we had our grand opening in our new building in Clay. All of my best friends were in town for the big day. Even my best friend Stephen flew in from England to say the prayer of dedication. That was one year ago today. But today was very exciting for me.

I had been looking forward to church all week. It was the first time in years that I went to church with no pressure on me. Coni, Lee, Brian and myself simply woke up, got dressed and went to church like regular people. No hours of praying and studying preceded the service. I just showed up.

We went to Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. The music was very similar to what we had at Hillside, except there was no shouting or hopping around.

No Stuart jumping up and down. There were a few hands raised. I missed our guys in the band and I missed Coni singing. I missed Patty doing Sunday School. I missed seeing my church family. I missed hearing Love Train being played while we hugged our church family. I missed teaching. I missed all the familiar faces that I had seen twice a week for all these years.

I missed the teenagers. I missed Randy Rock standing at the door. I missed Janell coming in late. I missed everyone. But it was very nice not to stress out over whether or not the help would show up. I didn’t have to worry about the offering covering the budget. I did not have to worry about who all I would offend today. I just sat on my butt and enjoyed church for the first time as a church member. It was great. I love going to church. I loved Hillside the best. I loved the people and the atmosphere. I missed the oneness and uniqueness. I think I will love Oak Mountain even though I am a red neck. Everyone was in jeans just like at Hillside.

I am looking forward to church next week. I’m excited about Dr. Flayhart’s teaching. I feel safe. It’s my turn to relax in the hot tub of grace for a season. I think I will like it.



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