Posted by: John Edwards | October 9, 2008

Kenneth Hagin and Joseph Smith


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Before I get going with this hot topic, I want my readers to understand that I do not intend for this article to be mean spirited. I have tremendous affection for Kenneth Hagin, and he was probably the only hero that I have ever had in my life.

I studied under him, and I studied after him. I also have a lot of admiration of what Joseph Smith was able to do. I have read many books about him. In fact, I have spent years studying the history and teachings of both of these men. My study of Joseph Smith and Mormonism helped me to understand that I was just as deceived as a member and teacher in the Word of Faith Movement.

There are many similarities between the Mormons and the Word of Faithers. That is because there are many similarities between Kenneth Hagin and Joseph Smith. These preachers claimed to have had personal revelation from Jesus in addition to the Bible.

A careful examination of Kenneth Hagins visions will reveal that when compared to Holy Scripture, the visions are unbiblical.

I cannot judge Kenneth Hagin. It appears to me, that his visions were fabricated to back up his personal interpretations of the Bible. His visions are full of humanistic values. My wife Coni believes that he did indeed have visions, but that the visions were from Satan in order to deceive.

Joseph Smith’s visions also had an uncanny way of backing up his belief system. Both of these preachers became rich and famous from their extra-biblical revelations of wisdom.

I know of hundreds of Kenneth Hagin followers that truly believe in him as a True Prophet of God. Right now, many of his followers are reading this while their blood is boiling in anger towards me. I have received vicious emails from his followers who think that I have blasphemed. These reactions should be proof enough that they are in a cult of deception.

I have been to Tulsa. I have been to Salt Lake City. Both of these American cities bear the imprints of these ministers of “Another Gospel”. Both have left colleges that reproduce in their students error that is being spread all over the world.

Both of these “Christian Cults” are extremely dangerous, works oriented, humanistic movements which attempt to deify mankind and lower God.

I have in my study a cassette series by Kenneth Hagin on the Believer’s Authority. It is unbiblical. It is outlandish. It is full of theological errors. You can probably go on YouTube and get a lot of sound bites from it. This teaching by Kenneth Hagin has ruined the lives of many well meaning Christian and Pastors. This teaching is full of humanistic blasphemy. It attempts to strip Jesus of His power and hand it over to man.

It belittles the Majesty of Jesus and magnifies man. There is even one scene where Kenneth Hagin attempts to fall at Jesus feet to worship, but Jesus quickly rebukes him by reminding Hagin that the Blood has now made him worthy. I realize that we are the righteousness of God in Him, but this is clearly a designed play to elevate man to God’s level.

As I find time, there is an excellent play by play breakdown of all of Kenneth Hagin’s visions compared to Holy Scripture on line that I read while on my journey to the Truth. I will try to find the link to share with you.

Also, many scholars believe that Joseph Smith plagiarized The Book of Mormon, but they cannot really prove it. Same with Kenneth Hagin, except that his plagiarism of E.W.

Kenyon has been well documented. In fact, there is a local apologetics ministry around the corner from me that has a document of Kennth Hagin’s plagiarism that weighs FIVE POUNDS!!! Incredible, but his followers, and Joseph Smith’s followers refuse to believe anything less than the Prophet status of there founding leaders. More later.



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