Posted by: John Edwards | October 6, 2008



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The Word of Faith Message is a dangerous virus that has infected the Body of Christ. As former carrier of this virus I need to warn you about the symptoms and the progression of this deadly disease before it kills your faith.

I was first exposed to this deadly strain in 1994 when a fellow police officer gave me a book by Kenneth Hagin. Prior to that moment in time, I had been on fire for Jesus and in awe of God. Then I read the book. The next fourteen years of my life became an utter misery. I almost died, but thank God, I received the antidote!

The first symptom is very subtle, but this is how you diagnose it: It first shows up in an innocent Christian. He becomes focused on FAITH. The virus tricks the believer into focusing on his faith instead of Jesus. An infected Christian quickly loses interest in the Gospel and begins obsessing with Cd’s and tapes about FAITH. He gets faith on the brain.

Another symptom that shows up quickly is the sudden obsession with material blessings. The infected Christian soon begins to listen to countless Cd’s by Leroy Thompson, Keith Moore, Mark Hankins and Paula White about seed time and harvest, claiming your harvest, pulling the lever, and calling your bank accounts full.

Another symptom to look out for is the obsession with confession. This is a dangerous sign that the virus has taken deep roots. The patient becomes obsessed with his words. He becomes delusional, thinking that he can control and create circumstances with his words. He begins to call his checking account full, he begins to call his body well. After a few more Cd’s he actually begins to believe that he can control his whole life with his words. A sure sign that the patient is infected is when he starts to correct everything that you say.

This deadly virus will turn a simple, Godly, on fire believer into a selfish, greedy, deceived person that is obsessed with his blessings and prosperity. The patient never again desires God’s will, but begins to speak his own will into existence.

A good cure for this virus is the Word of God. But the patient that has been infected thinks that he already knows all of the Word of God.

I was cured by reading and listening to Dr. Charles Spurgeon, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Dr. James MacDonald, Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. Martin Luther. Don’t forget Dr. John Calvin and his trusty assistant Dr. John Piper. God surrounded me with these critical care specialist, and I am expected to make a full recovery.

I would suggest that anyone suffering from the Word of Faith virus quickly check themselves into a Presbyterian Church where the Reformed Faith is taught as soon as possible. The treatments are painful at first, but the cure is delightful.


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