Posted by: John Edwards | September 30, 2008

The Word of Faith and Charismatic Movements are just Looney Tunes


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As many of you know, I was a tongue-talking, faith healing, name it claim it, faith preaching, charismatic pastor and teacher for several long and interesting years. I became a Pentecostal Charismatic Word of Faither in June of 1994. I exited this looney tunes movement in 2008.

It is not that I do not believe in the supernatural power of God or in miracles. It is not that I refute healings and visions. It is mostly because of all the Looney Tunes goofy, hokie, yahoos out there in the Charismaniac Movement.

The Charismatic Church is full of loons. I find that the Charismatic Church is full of former dopers and mentally unstable people. It is full of people that are seeking the next high or the next experience. The Charismatic Church is full of people that claim that God has spoken out loud to them.

One great example of this goofiness was the recent Lake Land Revival starring Todd Bentley in Florida. It drew the loons and gullible in by the thousands. I could tell that it was fake and unbiblical. I told my loonie charismatic friends not to drink the kool-aid, but they did. They were drawn to Fake Land like a moth to a bug light.

You see, Charismatic are not content with the Bible being God’s Word. They must have more. They are always seeking feelings and signs. The Word is not their final authority.

One of the classic signs of a charismatic loon is that you can show them a Bible verse about most anything, and their first response is : “But God told me”. They do not care what the Word says. The Word is not sufficient. They love to go beyond the expressed written Word of God to chase after their hokie doctrines.

Want some examples? They love to be slain in the Spirit when the preacher touches them. This is not in the Bible. They love to run speed laps in church, but this is not in the Bible. I graduated from a Charismatic Seminary in the Midwest. We were told in class by our Dean that there was a certain dance in the Spirit, and that all other dancing was wrong.

Remember the Holy Laughter deal in the 90’s? That is not in the Bible either. Neither is making healing confessions. Neither is making prosperity confessions. Jesus did not teach that you can have what you say.

Charismatics love to claim visions and extra revelation that adds to the Bible. Take Kenneth Hagin for example. He claims to have had eight one on one personal Bible studies with Jesus. In one of his visions, he was given the “How to write your own ticket with God” lesson. This is so bogus and unbiblical, but charismatics buy into it hook, line and sinker.
Charismatic love to attend what they call “Holy Ghost Meetings” where self proclaimed prophets will pull you out of the crowd, read you mail, and give you personal messages from God. Charismatics love these services. I have been to many of them. The last one I went to, I was pulled from the back row and given a five minute word. The minister did read my mail. He also gave me advice from God, and told me what would happen in the future. I followed his advice, and it blew up in my face. Nothing he said came to pass. Now was that the devil, or him, or a familiar spirit, or half him and half God? Who knows! But your average charismatic does not care. They just want to hear a word from God no matter what.

Even though they have a giant print King James Bible in every room of their house, they have to have another word, bless God!

It is a wild and crazy world indeed. All manner of hokiness and weirdness. And it doesn’t matter how many Scriptures you show them, or how many exposes 20/20 does, charismatics will always flock to the next bogus move of God and part with their money. More later.


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